Monday, October 13, 2014

Ah, Toys!

For quite some time now I have felt overwhelmed with the mass amount of toys that we have in this house.  I designated our bonus room as the toy room.  Even so we still have a plethora of toys in our living room as well as other rooms around the house.  I have finally organized the toy room a little bit better.  It is more to my liking and I feel less overwhelmed by the toys.  In addition, everything has its place which makes it easier for clean up.

The closet in the toy room.  This is my craft storage area.  

Standing at the door looking in.  I hope to eventually put a futon where the doll house is.  This will add seating as well as some where for guests to sleep when we have visitors.  

The double doors are to the closet.  The small door on the left is an unfinished storage area.  Door on the right goes to the hall. 

Cabinet space.  Some times I love it, because they hide everything behind the doors, but they really limit how I can set up the room.  On the right I have all of the kids' stuffed animals.  Underneath the shelf is their "reading nook"  I bought a curtain on clearance, Cut it in half, made a pocket for the curtain rod on what was the bottom of the curtain.  The kids LOVE this area.  

Inside the cabinets.  Everything in here are all toddler approved toys.  Although my toddler likes to clear the toys out and hide in the cabinets.  ;)

The top cabinets are for my storage.  On the right is where I keep all of my books as well as important documents/files.  The middle cabinets contain scrapbooking supplies, photos, dvds, games, and video games.  

I am not at all good at organizing, however I am content with how the room looks.  I will continue to watch pinterest for more ideas on organizing.  I also made labels to put on the fabric bins but can't figure out the best way to attach them so they will not fall off.  It is a work in progress, but I am happy with it so far.