Friday, December 28, 2012

Loosing my cookies

There is always something going on at our house.  Lately I have not been eating because I feel too sick.  When I do eat it, it usually does not stay in my stomach long enough to be digested.  Well today I am starving.  It is the first time in a little over a week that I actually felt hungry.  I knew that I should not eat anything too heavy so I just made a pasta salad.  It was yummy.  I ate it, lots of it.  10 minutes later Owen needed a diaper change.  Normally I get the feeling I have to throw up and can make it to the toilet in time.  Well, changing Owen's diaper didn't give me that opportunity.  Needless to say both my carpet and Owen got a bath afterwards.  :/  Poor Owen, this is the second time he was hit.  I suppose it makes up for all the times he was little and got me.   And there went all the food I just ate, so now I am once again starving and need to go eat something.  I am thinking bananas, and crackers.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Holiday fun

We had a wonderful Christmas.  It was even better than I could have imagined.  Owen slept in until 10!!!  I wanted to wake him up so bad but he has not been sleeping well at night so I let him sleep.  When he finally got up we got dressed in our Christmas clothes and went down stairs to open presents.  He was so excited.  The presents from Santa were wrapped in Cars themed paper and he opened all of those presents first.   Once he opened a present that had cars in it he didn't want to open any more presents.  It took a lot of convincing and help from dad to get him to open them.

We spent the rest of the day assembling and playing with all of the new toys.  AND  my surprise present, I GOT A TV!!!!!

And we had a big mess to clean up afterwards!   

We also went to my neighbor's house to look at all his lights.   He has a 'Santa's Village' in his back yard.  Every year he builds a new house or building for the village.  It is pretty cool.  Owen Loved it!  

On a different note, I have been really scared about my pregnancy.  I have been having a lot o really painful cramping.  Every time I stand up or walk around or sneeze or just laying in bed,  it has me really concerned and I cannot wait until the ultrasound to make sure everything is ok.  I cannot wait to hear the heartbeat and know the baby is ok.  Although every time I throw up reassures me that I am still pregnant.     

I also stopped at the store today to buy some more Perfect Bum cloth inserts.  I really like them and they are not as wide as some of the other inserts.  If I use two of them they make for the perfect overnight diaper.  The pack came with 6 inserts and it was on clearance for $6.98.  

Don't miss an update on my pregnancy, cloth diapering, or any post.  Be sure to 'follow' to make sure you don't miss out.  

Friday, December 21, 2012

Missed memories

Now that I have my own little family established, it saddens me that I live so far away.  My child/children will not be able to experience family in the same way I have.  Growing up my cousins were always there.  My Gram held halloween parties, we always had huge Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings.  We went on vacations every summer.  I have so many memories that include my cousins and my Gram and my aunts and uncles.  The closest family member we have is 450 miles away.   That doesn't make for easy gatherings.  I feel horrible that Owen will not be able to have all of these close family memories that I find so precious.  Sure we will create our own memories as a family, but what will he have to remember his Nana or Pop-Pop?  That one summer where he stayed at their house for a couple days?  Or only seeing them once a year?  I wish we did not live so far away.  Now that I have my own children I wish I lived closer to home.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Why I love cloth

Firstly I would just like to say, I got a new bag of Rockin Green detergent today.  Normally I get the lavendar mint revival or the original.  This time I wanted to try the Smashing Watermelon.  Today is not wash day, yesterday was.  But I was so excited to use the new soap that I stripped my bed and am washing all the sheets and blankets.  (which needed done anyhow)  They are still in the wash but I cannot wait til they come out of the dryer to smell them!  I normally use Tide for my regular washes, but lately the smell of the tide has really bothered me and started giving me headaches, so I have been using Rockin Green for all of Owen and my clothes and blankets.

Now, the reason for this post.  I just have to say I love cloth!  I really do not know why I didn't use them earlier (oh yeah, hubby didn't want to.)

Reasons I love cloth:

  1. Cloth is not nearly as difficult or as gross as most people think
  2. Disposable diapers stink.  And then they sit in your trash and stink.  On trash day you get this overwhelming stink, it's gross.  I do not have this problem with cloth, even after they sat for three days.
  3. Disposable diapers cost money, over and over again. 
  4. Disposable diapers do not hold as much pee.  
  5. Cloth diapers have adjustable absorbency simply add an extra booster or two. 
  6. Cloth diapers have really cute designs. 
  7. Owen prefers the cloth to the disposables.  (If I tell him to get a diaper and I set a disposable next to a cloth, he will grab the cloth every time.) 
  8. They are more environmentally friendly.
Disadvantages to cloth:
  1. They are bulky, its hard to fit more than one in my purse/diaper bag, it also makes traveling require more bags.
  2. It requires a little bit of time to do the laundry and stuff/fold all the diapers.  (but is totally worth it)
  3. The start up cost tends to be pricey.  (however, buy one or two each pay check and slowly build your supply, still cheaper than buying disposables)

I have started to keep a bag in the car with several cloth diapers in it.  Just in case I am out and about for the day I have them just in case, and I do not have to find room for them in my bag, or get a bigger bag.    I used to keep disposables in my purse and use them if I am out and about, but I am really starting to dislike disposables.  Now that I am pregnant the smell bothers me way more now than it did before.   I also stopped using them at night.  I made it so now Owen is not allowed anything to drink an hour before bed.  That reduces the amount he goes at night and I have also added an extra booster pad into the diapers.  It makes it a little more bulky, but he does not seem to mind.  I also have found a drop in day care that I take Owen to when I have doctor's appointments or exams for school.  They accept cloth diapers there and do not mind using them.  They simply send the dirty diapers home in the wet bag I provide.  I really think that the world of cloth diapers is changing and I am so glad that I am apart of it.  

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Doctor update

There is always a first for everything.  Today's first, I vomited on Owen's head!  I was sick and Owen was curious.  He just happened to stick his head right by mine as I went to vomit.  Needless to say he got the fastest bath ever this morning because I had my doctor's appointment today, and was already a little behind schedule.  I was in and out in less than 20 minutes.  I lost 3lbs, (why am I not surprised)  all water weight from vomiting I am sure.  My doctor is going to keep a close eye on my weight though just in case.  He does not want me to lose 20lbs like I did with Owen's pregnancy.  They were unable to do an ultrasound today.  The doctor did do an internal exam though.  He said my cervix feels rock hard as it should but that my uterus is a bit lower than it should be.  This should not cause a problem though.  He said it happens sometimes.   The next available appointment that he had was not until February, but he wanted me to have an ultrasound before that.  So January 3rd I have an appointment at the hospital to have an ultrasound and they will send the pictures to my doctor.  Now I just have to wait until then.   The doctor also guessed that I am 6 weeks.  How they come up with these numbers confuses me as I am sure that I would have conceived the 25ish.  Who knows.  Hopefully we will get an idea after the ultrasound.  Until then a very tentative due date is August 15th, but I am sure that will change after we do the ultrasound.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Thoughtful toddler

I have one of the most thoughtful and caring child I know.  If someone coughs he is quick to ask if that person is ok.  No matter where he is or what he is doing, he will stop and coming running to your side.  With me vomiting so much lately he is always standing by the toilet, asking if I am ok.  Today he tried his best to hold my hair (he actually only set his hand on my head) and comfort me by rubbing my back.  Seriously??  Could a mom ask for a better child?  My husband doesn't even ask if I am ok or hold my hair or rub my back.  Again, moments like these makes the nausea and vomiting not seem so bad.  I love my child and cannot wait until I can give him a baby brother or sister to play with and love on.  <3

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Architect in Training

Today we took Owen to Toys R Us.  I wanted to buy him a Christmas present but had absolutely no clue what to get him, so I took him along to see what interested him.  We spent over two hours in the store.  If only I had more money there are so many things that I would have gotten him.  Alas his play room is only so big and my budget is so small.  We came home after picking something out and I made dinner.  After dinner I wanted to just relax.  Owen found the bag of marshmallows so we decided to have a little bit of fun.

Unfortunately I only had a few tooth picks left.  However Owen did not seem to mind.  

He has this little man that is from his train set.  Owen carries him around and says his name is "Owen."  :)
 He thought it was a good idea to build a 'house' and put 'Owen' into it.
He played for a little over half hour with a handful of marshmallows and some tooth picks.  After all this I am not sure what I was so worried about needing to buy some expensive toy for Christmas.  It's the little things in life.  


I have debated back and forth on whether or not I want to use this blog to share my menu and recipes.  I plan weekly meals only when hubby is in town.  When he is out of town I usually make one big meal on Monday and eat the left overs for two days until it is gone.  Then I make another meal and eat that for two days.  So to post my menu would probably be pretty boring.   However, I do have a friend who has a blog and she shares her menu.  You can find her blog here.   On weeks that hubby is home, I tend to copy her menu.  ;)   A couple weeks ago she posted about having country fried steak for dinner.  My dad made this for me growing up and I have not had any in probably 6 years.  I waited for her review but alas she did not make it yet.  So, I made it tonight.  

Overall is was good.  My husband who has never had it before says he likes it and wants it again.  However, I will be making adjustments.  I think it could use some crushed garlic and maybe some onion powder, as well as way more pepper.  I could not taste any pepper at all.  The gravy was the perfect consistency, however it too was a bit bland and needs more seasoning.  More pepper and more salt for sure.   Next time I make it I will try to remember to post a new recipe for it.

***NOTE:  As always, when cooking with oil, use caution.  I plopped the steaks into the oil a bit too quickly and now have a blister on my cheek not even half inch from my eye.  Ouch!

Friday, December 14, 2012

I asked for it

Hmm, it seems like this pregnancy is going to be more fun than I thought.  There are so many more triggers than when I was pregnant with Owen.  This morning Owen was sick.  He threw up, and when I went to clean it up, so did I.  Worst part about it, he threw up on the corner part of our sectional.  Another bad part about it, the cushion does not come off the the couch.  And of course his vomit ran down into the couch.  Awesome.  So, I had a fun mess to clean up today.  

Now, do not get me wrong, all this is well worth what comes from it.  Oxytocin is so powerful, it made me forget how miserable I was with the pregnancy with Owen.  Here is to hoping this only lasts the first trimester.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Family time

Tuesday, the 11th was my second wedding anniversary.  My husband stayed home from work this week so that he would be home for our anniversary.  I made some steak and mashed potatoes and we also had salad. It was a pretty nice night.  Since he is home this week we have been having some needed family time.

Family time included building and hiding in 'forts.'

We baked some cookies

Played video games

And also printed copies of our hands to remember forever.

This weekend we will be visiting Santa and looking at Christmas lights.  Stay tuned for an update on that.

Still pregnant

I still feel the symptoms of pregnancy.  However I still have doubt.  I will not actually believe it until it is confirmed by ultrasound.  But, because I am crazy I took another pregnancy test yesterday.

Please excuse the wrinkled shirt.  Looks like I am still pregnant.  I go to the doctors on the 19th and it seems like it is taking forever to get here.   With my very first pregnancy I had an ultrasound at 8 weeks.  When I was pregnant with Owen I didn't have my first ultrasound until 12 weeks.  I will be 4 weeks when I go in for this ultrasound.  It feels like 9 months is forever from now.  I am so excited and can't wait to have a little baby.  :)  In the mean time I have Owen and school to take up my time.   

Mental note:  IF I decide to have a third child, it has to be after my first two are potty trained and going potty on their own.  Changing dirty diapers plus sensitive to smells plus nausea do not equal out very well.

Supply and diaper experiment

Sorry I have been absent lately, not much has been going on, so not much post worthy.  I did take a picture of my supply of cloth diapers.  I also did an experiment to test how much the diapers actually hold and how it feels against the skin.  Now, my method is not very scientific so bear with me.

I did go crazy buying cloth diapers when I thought I was expecting twins.  I had a supply of a little over 60.   However,  I have since given many of those away as I do not need that many.   Here is my supply minus the one on Owen and the three we used already today.    They are all pocket, one-size diapers except the two I bought last week.  There are two (bottom left) that are newborn size and not one-size.

We go through 6-7 diapers during the day.  At night I usually use huggies goodnight diapers as Owen is a heavy wetter and leaks through pretty much every cloth diaper I have tried.  During the day I stuff the diapers with two inserts and at night I use 3-4 inserts if I do not use disposable.

Now, I hear and use the term 'heavy wetter' but how much is that really?  Well I do not know, and I am not going to try to measure.  I did however, decide to do a little experiment to see how much the diapers would hold before leaking.

Because the majority of my supply are pockets I used one pocket and the new diaper I bought last week, the hybrid Perfect Bum diaper.  

I was quite shocked at the results and it changed my perspective on the diapers.  

The pocket diaper I was able to pour almost an entire cup of water on to the diaper.  I then pressed the back of my hand on the diaper.  I could feel that it was wet but didn't really have any water on my hand.

The other diaper I poured only 1/3 cup of water on the diaper.  The insert was swamped.  I again pressed my hand on the diaper and it felt like my hand was in a puddle of water.

Now there are definitely faults with this test.  The inserts in the pocket diaper have been used since May, and washed at least 100 times.  Whereas the other diaper inserts i just bought last week and have only been washed 11 times.

One benefit of the hybrid diaper is Owen feels how wet he is and feels him getting wet as it is happening.  Which would hopefully help with potty training.   However, who wants to be able to feel all the wetness on their skin, and could potentially cause irritation if not changed quickly enough.

Overall I am glad that pocket diapers make up the larger amount in my supply.  They both have their advantages however.  For now they work and I am happy with the supply that I have.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bed sharing

When I was pregnant with Owen I told myself I would never bed share.  I did not want to have to deal with trying to get him into his own bed when the time came.  I also did not want to take away from bed sharing with my husband.   For the first 5 months I stuck to my guns.  Owen did not sleep in my bed.  I also did not bring him into my bed for middle of the night, and early morning feedings.  I did not want him to be familiar with laying in my bed and then want that.  However, in January our furnace decided to stop working.  I later learned that lightning hit the house and fried the control boards.  Well it would drop to about 50 degrees in the house at night (thank goodness we live in NC where we do not really have winters.) 50 degrees is too cold for a 5 month old to be sleeping on his own.  At 5 months he did not want to be swaddled and hated blankets.  So I did what any good mom would do until we got our heat fixed.  I brought him into bed with us.  I swore that I would make him sleep on his own once the heat was fixed or it got warm enough for him to sleep on his own.  As you can guess, that never happened.  I still sleep with Owen at night.  I have on  several occasions tried to get him to sleep in his own bed.  Which was successful.  However, it was ME who could not bear to be without him.  This past week he has been especially clingy.  In bed he usually holds a stuffed cat, a car or train, and his blankie.  The past few nights however, he says in a very sweet voice "Mommy, need you."  He then grabs my arm and hugs it as tight as he can and then says "Mommy, love you much."  His version of 'I love you very much.'   It is enough to melt your heart, at least it melts mine.  I do not think he knows what 'I love you' means, but he uses it as if he does.  At this point I am not sure I care.  While pregnant I looked forward to the time when he first said 'I love you' to me.  And now he does, all the time.  It is so wonderful.  With all of this love, how can I bear to make him sleep alone in his own bed down the hall from my room?  I am hoping that when it comes closer to the baby's arrival I can get him to sleep in his own bed.  I do not want him to feel like he has been replaced.  I also do not plan to bed share with baby #2, but we shall see what happens.

Do you have any tips on how or when to get your toddler sleeping in his own bed?

Diaper Fail

Last night I used the new Perfect Bum cloth diaper on Owen for bed.  I used the tri-fold it came with as well as a doubler.  Owen is a heavy wetter and I wanted to be sure we had enough absorbency to prevent leaks. At some point during the night he pulled off his diaper.  This is the only diaper he use with the hook and loop (aka Velcro)  closure.  He has never done this (that I can remember) with disposable diapers.  I am not sure if he was awake when he did it, if he did it on purpose, if maybe the diaper was bothering him and that is why he took it off, I have no clue.  Regardless, Owen took his diaper off.  Being the heavy wetter he is, my bed (because we bed share, more on this later) was soaked.   LUCKILY since we bed share, and I know he is a heavy wetter, I have a mattress protector under the sheets.  Thank goodness.  We have had accidents before with diapers leaking so I wised up and put the mattress protector on.   So, my sheets are in the wash. Which is fine I wash the bed linens every Friday anyhow.  Lesson learned, I do not think I will be using the Perfect Bum diaper for overnights any more.  The hook and loop is too easy for him to pull off.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bring it on!

I definitely feel pregnant.  Bring on the morning sickness.  I should have expected this.  With Owen I was sick the entire 9 months.  I lost 21 pounds (I was only 125 pre-pregnancy)  because I vomited all day long.  When I was pregnant with the twins I was sick the first 13 weeks.  I love that I am pregnant, and would not change it for the world.  I just REALLY hope I am not sick the entire pregnancy.  I want to enjoy this pregnancy, every moment of it, and it would be easier if I was not sick the whole time.  Here's to hoping.  So for now I will be sucking on these preggie pops.

Know any tricks to help ease morning all-day sickness?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New diapers!

Can you ever really have enough cloth diapers?  I have been interested in the gDiapers lately, I figured I would go to Babies R Us and see what they had in stock.  While there I found these Perfect Bum cloth diapers on clearance.  There was a box already opened so I pulled the diaper out to see what they looked like.  They look just like the gDiaper with just a few differences.  They were too cute and $10 cheaper on clearance than the gDiapers.  I also had a couple of Reward Dollars that worked towards this purchase as well.  Since I did not have much money on hand I only bought one newborn size and one large.  The newborn size was only $10 which is why I went ahead and got it.  (plus it's supercute)  Today just happens to be diaper wash day, so I opened the boxes up and tossed them in the wash.  I cannot wait to try these diapers out tomorrow!

The one diaper came with a shirt as well as a tri-fold insert, the newborn diaper came with a tri-fold insert as well as a doubler.  

This is the front of the newborn Perfect Bum diaper

This is the inside with the tri-fold and doubler.
It looks just like the gdiaper except the pouch is not removable.  

This is the tri-fold as well as the doubler.

The diaper shell.

I am really excited to try these out.  I am hoping that they work for us and that I can pick some more up.  The disposable insert option would work great for us for when we go camping.

So Many Memories

As you probably can tell by all of the pictures I have posted on the blog, I LOVE taking pictures.  I am not sure if it is because I lost all my baby pictures in a fire when I was young, or if it is the fact that I just cherish every moment that I want to hold onto these moments forever.  Either way, I try to capture as many moments I can.  This is good and bad.  Good because in years to come I will have these captured moments, bad because I have hundreds of photos that I have to go through.  Now, if I was smart I would print off the pictures at the end of every month.  This would make my life easier because there would not be as many photos to go through.  It would also be easier to caption the photos since it would be fresh in my mind.  Luckily Shutterfly time stamps the back of the photos so I do not have to write the date on the photos, provided the date on my camera is correct.   So here it is, this is what I did yesterday.

This huge stack of photos took hours to caption, and sort and put into the albums.  I did not have enough space in the albums on hand to put them all away.  The worst part is, this is only 4 months worth of photos.  I still have 8 months of photos that I have to order, sort, caption, and put into albums.  

These are my shutterfly photobooks and Owen's photo albums from birth minus the albums I worked on yesterday and still need to buy to finish up.  There is about 6 months of pictures in each album.

After I get Owen's pictures all caught up, I have to sort through these photos that have been sitting in this shoe box for years.  They are pictures from high school, Girl Scouts, and other activities from the past 10 years, before my husband and son came along.  One of these days I will get all this sorted and into albums. 

It is nice to have all these memories, and it will be nice when I can get them all sorted and organized.  My hopes are to be all caught up on photo albums before baby #2 is born.  Before more avalanches of photos start rolling in.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Washing Cloth Diapers

Everything I read has different washing directions.  It seems everyone cleans their cloth differently.  Here is how I do it.  This works for me, I find it easiest and less time consuming.  

When the diaper is wet I pull the inserts out rinse them in the sink in cold water and then rinse the shell with cold water.  I ring as much water out as I can and then stick them in the wet bag.  Poop diapers I use flushable wipes, this way I can just dump the poop and the wipes into the toilet and flush.  Now, usually the poop is similar to play dough consistency  so it plops in the toilet pretty easy without much for marks on the diaper.  I want to eventually get a diaper sprayer and I am sure I will before baby #2 arrives.  For now, I simply rinse all the diapers in the sink and then toss them in the wet bag.  Now, I have never read anywhere where people rinse the diapers, even just wet diapers, before putting them into the wet bag.  However, I am extremely sensitive to smell, always have been, by rinsing it all first I am not overwhelmed by the smell of ammonia on wash day.  Rinsing all of the diapers first also alleviates extra rinse cycles on wash day.  Wash day is usually every other day.  I use Rockin Green detergent to wash the diapers.  I love the smell, and it gets the diapers extra clean with just one wash.  No more extra rinse cycles and double washes.  One wash, with one rinse cycle and you're done.  After they are done in the wash I hang them all to dry.  Sometimes I put the inserts in the dryer on low heat.  And, if I skipped a wash day and low on clean diapers I will throw the diapers into the dryer with no heat to dry.  I have only done this twice though.

So, step by step on how I wash cloth:

  1. Rinse diaper and insert as soon as you change the diaper, toss in wet bag
  2. Wash day, wash diaper with Rockin Green soap, one rinse cycle
  3. hang diapers to dry. 
It is as simple as that.  

Now, brand new diapers require washing BEFORE use.  You should always wash any item of clothing before wearing it, and especially baby clothes.  Cloth diapers require a special wash routine before use in order to absorb and prevent leaks.  Most inserts are cotton/hemp combination, or just cotton. There are some that are bamboo as well, either way, the wash is the same.  Cotton naturally has a waxy substance in it.  This is not ideal for cloth diapers as it prevents full absorption.  So, the inserts first need to be washed in a hot cycle, this will melt and remove most of the wax.  I also add an extra rinse cycle with this as well.  Also, the first wash I use Tide detergent.  It is a harsh detergent but not nearly as harsh as the others on the market.  I know many people who use Tide on all their cloth diaper washes, and not just the first wash.  It is supposed to be safe without deteriorating the PUL.  I have even used it a couple times in a pinch.  The tide will also help break down the wax and help make the inserts more absorbent.  Wash the diapers 6-7 more times, after that the diapers should be ready for use.  The inserts will be more absorbent with every wash, up to a point.     

Now, lets talk about inserts.  The inserts I use are a hemp/cotton mixture.  At night I double them up to prevent leaks.  During the day I only use one insert, as two is unnecessary and way too bulky for him to run around like a crazy child he is.   During the summer on really hot and humid days I liked to use either prefolds or disposables.  As much as I dislike disposables they were more breathable, and light and prevented the heat rashes and diaper rashes Owen would get.  I did not do this very often, only maybe one disposable diaper a day.    When I go out away from the house and I think I will be gone for more than 2 hours, I take disposables.  They are more compact, and so take up less space in my purse.  I also take the wet bag so if I have to change his diaper I can put the wet diaper in the wet bag.  

All of this is just what works for me.  Everyone has their own way of doing things, this is my way of doing it.  

Cloth diapers, diaper review

This post is extremely picture heavy.  However I wanted to be sure you all were able to actually see what I am talking about and my likes and dislikes of each type of diaper.  Now, I have only been cloth diapering since April 2012, so Owen was a bit bigger and my reviews are that of a different experience.  I really wanted to cloth diaper since Owen was born but DH didnt want to deal with it.  He thought it would be messier, more work, and he most of all, did not want to deal with the poop.  However, after I found out I was pregnant with twins I stock piled a whole bunch of diapers.  I figured this would save a bunch of money when the twins came.  I could buy just a few at a time each week so I was not spending a fortune all at once.  I also bought the generic chinese brands on Ebay.  Now, I know these are ripoffs of American types and I should support the American working moms, but money was an issue and so I just went with the ebay ones. I would like to eventually get a couple of gdiapers to try when baby #2 arrives.  I am very interested in learning how these diapers work with a newborn vs a toddler.   Ok, so onto the diapers.

Here is just some of our diapers.  I will try to take another picture of all of them after they are all washed.

First diaper is a GroVia.  These at first were my favorite diaper.  I liked how if the diaper was just wet I was able to pull out the insert and snap a new one into place, with no need to change the shell.  However, I grew to dislike them because some how his little wee wee would shoot urine out and down his legs.   I  do like the shape of this diaper.  It seemed to fit him very well.  There are also many snaps that provide for different adjustments.

The insert is two pieces sewn together.  The bottom is lined with PUL to prevent leaks through the bottom.  The leg gussets help prevent runny poop from coming out the sides of the diaper.  The bottom has two snaps, one at each end that snap into the shell.  

This is a generic brand of diapers that I got on Ebay.
 I really like the elastic on both pieces as seen in this picture.  This prevents the insert from sliding out.  It also helps the diaper fit better in the back.  
 Several snaps along the top allow for different waist sizes.  These snaps are pretty standard on most pocket diapers. 
Also has three rows of snaps for different sizes, and a better fit.  
 I ended up adding an additional snap onto all the diapers to prevent wing droop.  
Here is the layout of that diaper.  It has a longer stretch of elastic around the legs to accommodate different sizes.   
Here is a picture to show the added snaps.  They sit on the hip preventing wing droop.  My only concern with the added snap is that when his waist grows to the point we will not be able to use these because of that added snap, however I do not foresee that happening before he is potty trained. 
After, with added snap, no wing droop.

Before, with wing droop

This is another diaper I got off of ebay.  It is a Baby City brand diaper.  These are one of my least favorite, but they still do their job.  And for $2 each I cannot really complain.

The elastic that goes around the legs is not very long.  For Owen this is no problem, he is big enough that the diaper fits ok.  I am not sure how well it fits a newborn.  With the different rises I am not sure if you can really tell or not.  

 The back is my all time least favorite about this diaper.  As you can see there is elastic on the top of the diaper but then there are two flaps.  This does not create an issue with the insert, but I continuously have to tuck the white part in throughout the day.  

Here is the backside of the diaper.  I also think that the fabric used for the shell is not really PUL but some sort of cheaper version, as it feels different.