Sunday, December 2, 2012

Not again

I know I am supposed to stop testing after the first positive.  But I think if I did that I would have missed my O.  Last weeks tests were not as dark as this weeks, even though CB digital has given me a positive every time.  My tests have been getting darker and yesterday I had this weird pinching sensation (which I am really hoping was ovulation pains.)  So now that DH is home, yesterday we gave it our best shot and did the BD.  I really hope that it worked.  So once again I am still in my tww.  I just cannot wait to take the HCG and get a positive.  All of these positive OPKs though are really getting me discouraged.    Here are some pics of the tests the last few days.  Tell me what you think, could I have O this weekend???

Taken 11/30

Taken 12/01

Taken today 12/02

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