Thursday, December 13, 2012

Supply and diaper experiment

Sorry I have been absent lately, not much has been going on, so not much post worthy.  I did take a picture of my supply of cloth diapers.  I also did an experiment to test how much the diapers actually hold and how it feels against the skin.  Now, my method is not very scientific so bear with me.

I did go crazy buying cloth diapers when I thought I was expecting twins.  I had a supply of a little over 60.   However,  I have since given many of those away as I do not need that many.   Here is my supply minus the one on Owen and the three we used already today.    They are all pocket, one-size diapers except the two I bought last week.  There are two (bottom left) that are newborn size and not one-size.

We go through 6-7 diapers during the day.  At night I usually use huggies goodnight diapers as Owen is a heavy wetter and leaks through pretty much every cloth diaper I have tried.  During the day I stuff the diapers with two inserts and at night I use 3-4 inserts if I do not use disposable.

Now, I hear and use the term 'heavy wetter' but how much is that really?  Well I do not know, and I am not going to try to measure.  I did however, decide to do a little experiment to see how much the diapers would hold before leaking.

Because the majority of my supply are pockets I used one pocket and the new diaper I bought last week, the hybrid Perfect Bum diaper.  

I was quite shocked at the results and it changed my perspective on the diapers.  

The pocket diaper I was able to pour almost an entire cup of water on to the diaper.  I then pressed the back of my hand on the diaper.  I could feel that it was wet but didn't really have any water on my hand.

The other diaper I poured only 1/3 cup of water on the diaper.  The insert was swamped.  I again pressed my hand on the diaper and it felt like my hand was in a puddle of water.

Now there are definitely faults with this test.  The inserts in the pocket diaper have been used since May, and washed at least 100 times.  Whereas the other diaper inserts i just bought last week and have only been washed 11 times.

One benefit of the hybrid diaper is Owen feels how wet he is and feels him getting wet as it is happening.  Which would hopefully help with potty training.   However, who wants to be able to feel all the wetness on their skin, and could potentially cause irritation if not changed quickly enough.

Overall I am glad that pocket diapers make up the larger amount in my supply.  They both have their advantages however.  For now they work and I am happy with the supply that I have.

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