Thursday, December 20, 2012

Why I love cloth

Firstly I would just like to say, I got a new bag of Rockin Green detergent today.  Normally I get the lavendar mint revival or the original.  This time I wanted to try the Smashing Watermelon.  Today is not wash day, yesterday was.  But I was so excited to use the new soap that I stripped my bed and am washing all the sheets and blankets.  (which needed done anyhow)  They are still in the wash but I cannot wait til they come out of the dryer to smell them!  I normally use Tide for my regular washes, but lately the smell of the tide has really bothered me and started giving me headaches, so I have been using Rockin Green for all of Owen and my clothes and blankets.

Now, the reason for this post.  I just have to say I love cloth!  I really do not know why I didn't use them earlier (oh yeah, hubby didn't want to.)

Reasons I love cloth:

  1. Cloth is not nearly as difficult or as gross as most people think
  2. Disposable diapers stink.  And then they sit in your trash and stink.  On trash day you get this overwhelming stink, it's gross.  I do not have this problem with cloth, even after they sat for three days.
  3. Disposable diapers cost money, over and over again. 
  4. Disposable diapers do not hold as much pee.  
  5. Cloth diapers have adjustable absorbency simply add an extra booster or two. 
  6. Cloth diapers have really cute designs. 
  7. Owen prefers the cloth to the disposables.  (If I tell him to get a diaper and I set a disposable next to a cloth, he will grab the cloth every time.) 
  8. They are more environmentally friendly.
Disadvantages to cloth:
  1. They are bulky, its hard to fit more than one in my purse/diaper bag, it also makes traveling require more bags.
  2. It requires a little bit of time to do the laundry and stuff/fold all the diapers.  (but is totally worth it)
  3. The start up cost tends to be pricey.  (however, buy one or two each pay check and slowly build your supply, still cheaper than buying disposables)

I have started to keep a bag in the car with several cloth diapers in it.  Just in case I am out and about for the day I have them just in case, and I do not have to find room for them in my bag, or get a bigger bag.    I used to keep disposables in my purse and use them if I am out and about, but I am really starting to dislike disposables.  Now that I am pregnant the smell bothers me way more now than it did before.   I also stopped using them at night.  I made it so now Owen is not allowed anything to drink an hour before bed.  That reduces the amount he goes at night and I have also added an extra booster pad into the diapers.  It makes it a little more bulky, but he does not seem to mind.  I also have found a drop in day care that I take Owen to when I have doctor's appointments or exams for school.  They accept cloth diapers there and do not mind using them.  They simply send the dirty diapers home in the wet bag I provide.  I really think that the world of cloth diapers is changing and I am so glad that I am apart of it.  

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