Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New diapers!

Can you ever really have enough cloth diapers?  I have been interested in the gDiapers lately, I figured I would go to Babies R Us and see what they had in stock.  While there I found these Perfect Bum cloth diapers on clearance.  There was a box already opened so I pulled the diaper out to see what they looked like.  They look just like the gDiaper with just a few differences.  They were too cute and $10 cheaper on clearance than the gDiapers.  I also had a couple of Reward Dollars that worked towards this purchase as well.  Since I did not have much money on hand I only bought one newborn size and one large.  The newborn size was only $10 which is why I went ahead and got it.  (plus it's supercute)  Today just happens to be diaper wash day, so I opened the boxes up and tossed them in the wash.  I cannot wait to try these diapers out tomorrow!

The one diaper came with a shirt as well as a tri-fold insert, the newborn diaper came with a tri-fold insert as well as a doubler.  

This is the front of the newborn Perfect Bum diaper

This is the inside with the tri-fold and doubler.
It looks just like the gdiaper except the pouch is not removable.  

This is the tri-fold as well as the doubler.

The diaper shell.

I am really excited to try these out.  I am hoping that they work for us and that I can pick some more up.  The disposable insert option would work great for us for when we go camping.

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  1. I love diapers that have extra gussets.
    Less chance of poop explosions and leaking :)