Sunday, December 16, 2012


I have debated back and forth on whether or not I want to use this blog to share my menu and recipes.  I plan weekly meals only when hubby is in town.  When he is out of town I usually make one big meal on Monday and eat the left overs for two days until it is gone.  Then I make another meal and eat that for two days.  So to post my menu would probably be pretty boring.   However, I do have a friend who has a blog and she shares her menu.  You can find her blog here.   On weeks that hubby is home, I tend to copy her menu.  ;)   A couple weeks ago she posted about having country fried steak for dinner.  My dad made this for me growing up and I have not had any in probably 6 years.  I waited for her review but alas she did not make it yet.  So, I made it tonight.  

Overall is was good.  My husband who has never had it before says he likes it and wants it again.  However, I will be making adjustments.  I think it could use some crushed garlic and maybe some onion powder, as well as way more pepper.  I could not taste any pepper at all.  The gravy was the perfect consistency, however it too was a bit bland and needs more seasoning.  More pepper and more salt for sure.   Next time I make it I will try to remember to post a new recipe for it.

***NOTE:  As always, when cooking with oil, use caution.  I plopped the steaks into the oil a bit too quickly and now have a blister on my cheek not even half inch from my eye.  Ouch!


  1. So glad you liked it!! I can't believe I didn't make it yet, lol. Somehow it keeps getting pushed to next week - especially with coaching season, now DH gets take out with the team a lot more. We'll have to try it soon!!!

    1. My advice, do not be afraid to season it. Add pepper till it itches your nose. Most of the pepper cooks off or gets lost in the flour. Hubby loved it as it was but I thought it was bland.