Friday, December 28, 2012

Loosing my cookies

There is always something going on at our house.  Lately I have not been eating because I feel too sick.  When I do eat it, it usually does not stay in my stomach long enough to be digested.  Well today I am starving.  It is the first time in a little over a week that I actually felt hungry.  I knew that I should not eat anything too heavy so I just made a pasta salad.  It was yummy.  I ate it, lots of it.  10 minutes later Owen needed a diaper change.  Normally I get the feeling I have to throw up and can make it to the toilet in time.  Well, changing Owen's diaper didn't give me that opportunity.  Needless to say both my carpet and Owen got a bath afterwards.  :/  Poor Owen, this is the second time he was hit.  I suppose it makes up for all the times he was little and got me.   And there went all the food I just ate, so now I am once again starving and need to go eat something.  I am thinking bananas, and crackers.

1 comment:

  1. Bananas!! I craved them so bad at first. Then I made smoothies with them after I found out I had gestational diabetes and wasn't allowed to eat cereal. If you only eat half (or only use half in a smoothie) save the other half in the freezer to make a smoothie later instead of letting it turn brown in the fridge.

    And poor Owen, lol.