Monday, December 3, 2012

Cloth diapers, diaper review

This post is extremely picture heavy.  However I wanted to be sure you all were able to actually see what I am talking about and my likes and dislikes of each type of diaper.  Now, I have only been cloth diapering since April 2012, so Owen was a bit bigger and my reviews are that of a different experience.  I really wanted to cloth diaper since Owen was born but DH didnt want to deal with it.  He thought it would be messier, more work, and he most of all, did not want to deal with the poop.  However, after I found out I was pregnant with twins I stock piled a whole bunch of diapers.  I figured this would save a bunch of money when the twins came.  I could buy just a few at a time each week so I was not spending a fortune all at once.  I also bought the generic chinese brands on Ebay.  Now, I know these are ripoffs of American types and I should support the American working moms, but money was an issue and so I just went with the ebay ones. I would like to eventually get a couple of gdiapers to try when baby #2 arrives.  I am very interested in learning how these diapers work with a newborn vs a toddler.   Ok, so onto the diapers.

Here is just some of our diapers.  I will try to take another picture of all of them after they are all washed.

First diaper is a GroVia.  These at first were my favorite diaper.  I liked how if the diaper was just wet I was able to pull out the insert and snap a new one into place, with no need to change the shell.  However, I grew to dislike them because some how his little wee wee would shoot urine out and down his legs.   I  do like the shape of this diaper.  It seemed to fit him very well.  There are also many snaps that provide for different adjustments.

The insert is two pieces sewn together.  The bottom is lined with PUL to prevent leaks through the bottom.  The leg gussets help prevent runny poop from coming out the sides of the diaper.  The bottom has two snaps, one at each end that snap into the shell.  

This is a generic brand of diapers that I got on Ebay.
 I really like the elastic on both pieces as seen in this picture.  This prevents the insert from sliding out.  It also helps the diaper fit better in the back.  
 Several snaps along the top allow for different waist sizes.  These snaps are pretty standard on most pocket diapers. 
Also has three rows of snaps for different sizes, and a better fit.  
 I ended up adding an additional snap onto all the diapers to prevent wing droop.  
Here is the layout of that diaper.  It has a longer stretch of elastic around the legs to accommodate different sizes.   
Here is a picture to show the added snaps.  They sit on the hip preventing wing droop.  My only concern with the added snap is that when his waist grows to the point we will not be able to use these because of that added snap, however I do not foresee that happening before he is potty trained. 
After, with added snap, no wing droop.

Before, with wing droop

This is another diaper I got off of ebay.  It is a Baby City brand diaper.  These are one of my least favorite, but they still do their job.  And for $2 each I cannot really complain.

The elastic that goes around the legs is not very long.  For Owen this is no problem, he is big enough that the diaper fits ok.  I am not sure how well it fits a newborn.  With the different rises I am not sure if you can really tell or not.  

 The back is my all time least favorite about this diaper.  As you can see there is elastic on the top of the diaper but then there are two flaps.  This does not create an issue with the insert, but I continuously have to tuck the white part in throughout the day.  

Here is the backside of the diaper.  I also think that the fabric used for the shell is not really PUL but some sort of cheaper version, as it feels different.  

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  1. Thank you for all of the pictures and review.

    I love reading other peoples reviews before buying anything :)