Friday, December 21, 2012

Missed memories

Now that I have my own little family established, it saddens me that I live so far away.  My child/children will not be able to experience family in the same way I have.  Growing up my cousins were always there.  My Gram held halloween parties, we always had huge Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings.  We went on vacations every summer.  I have so many memories that include my cousins and my Gram and my aunts and uncles.  The closest family member we have is 450 miles away.   That doesn't make for easy gatherings.  I feel horrible that Owen will not be able to have all of these close family memories that I find so precious.  Sure we will create our own memories as a family, but what will he have to remember his Nana or Pop-Pop?  That one summer where he stayed at their house for a couple days?  Or only seeing them once a year?  I wish we did not live so far away.  Now that I have my own children I wish I lived closer to home.

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