Sunday, December 2, 2012

Can this be real???

So the last few days I have been feeling sick.  I have not eaten much as a result.  As I posted earlier, I felt a little pinching sensation yesterday.  I am wondering if that was possibly implantation?  I know it should be WAY to early to get a positive pregnancy test, but with my symptoms, and since I have a ton of tests laying around, I decided to take one, what could it hurt.  I am expecting a negative so I do not have high hopes. But then....    

I took two tests just to be sure.  Since these are just generic HCG tests I am going to the store later to buy CB digital, as a confirmation.  I also should be expecting a call either tomorrow or Tuesday from my doctor with the progesterone results.  I will speak with him then about this.  I do not plan to tell family or friends until A) the dr confirms it with ultrasound 
B) I am well into my second trimester

All I can say is I hope this is real.  I hope that I really am pregnant!  OMG that would be exciting.  However, I am going to try not to get too excited because I am not sure how this is physically possible yet.  Even if I ovulated last weekend it still has only been 1 week.  Which should be too early for a positive.   I cannot wait to talk to my doctor!!!!  

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