Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ultrasound update

Good morning!  Happy New Year everyone!  This morning I had my ultrasound.  I was expecting to see a little blob, a yolk sack and a faint heart beat.  However, what I saw was much different.  I saw a baby!  With arms and a strong heart beat.  If everything went as planned with the fertility meds I would be about 7-8 weeks right now.  BUT apparently I became pregnant BEFORE I started taking the fertility meds.  Which would probably explain the lack of period after the provera as well as the constant positive ovulation test.  The quick positive on the pregnancy test also explains that I was pregnant before the provera.   I am completely confused as to when I would have gotten pregnant.  I mean with the given dates, it was around Halloween but I have not had a period since I lost the twins.    I will upload pictures of the ultrasound a little later.   As of right now I am measuring at 12 weeks with a due date of July 25, FOUR days after Owen's!!!  I feel bad they are so close but it is still exciting!


  1. THANK YOU!!! Now I am excited for the next one! Should be able to find out the gender then.