Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Food Differences Between Pregnancies

It is amazing how different things are with each pregnancy.  When I was pregnant with Owen there were certain foods I HATED and would make me sick just looking at it or smelling it.  Things I hated while pregnant with Owen, I am suddenly craving with this pregnancy.

Also, I was ADDICTED to Pepsi before I became pregnant with Owen.  I was drinking almost a two liter in one day.   My body was so used to the constant flow of caffeine and the affects it had on my body, that when I stopped drinking it my body went into shock and caused me to pass out.  My doctor recommended I cut a little out but not to stop drinking it completely.    When we were ttc I stopped drinking Pepsi.  I switched to Root Beer so that I still had the dark soda and carbonation without the caffeine.  Since becoming pregnant all I am able to drink is water and juice (particularly orange or pineapple).  

When I was pregnant with Owen all I craved were powdered donuts with chocolate filling, which I never once did eat.  This pregnancy, I crave tuna, sauerkraut, and mac and cheese.  Not all together of course.  (although I have combined tuna and mac and cheese)

We will see how my food needs change throughout the trimesters.

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