Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fun at the E.R.

For the past few weeks I have had mild cramping, nothing major but enough to concern me.  I though as long as I am still vomiting and not bleeding everything is ok.  I also told myself that if it gets to the point it really hurts I would call the doctor.  Well, last night I was making dinner and I had to stop.  I crawled into a ball on the floor and just cried for a little while.  I was in a great deal of pain.  I asked one of my friends what she thought I should do and she said to go to the hospital.  Still no bleeding so I was not sure if I should or not.   I called the on call doctor and got her opinion, she said to go to the ER and have an ultrasound done just in case.  I felt that the worst thing that would happen is they will send me home with nothing wrong, but I would at least have a relaxed mind knowing the baby is ok.

I get to the E.R. check in, see a triage nurse who takes my vitals and enters my info into the computer.  I sit back down and wait.  A while later I was called by another nurse who collected a urine and blood sample.  She put me in a room told me to put a hospital gown on that the doctor would be in soon.  I sat and waited for an hour.  A male nurse comes in and pulls out some vials and needles.  He verified my name and then said he was going to take some blood and then give me an I.V. with fluids as well as some medicine for the pain.  That is when I stopped him.  I told him they already collected blood, and that I did not want any meds or I.V. until I knew my baby was ok.  At which point he said 'Oh you are pregnant?'  and then left the room.  There is NO WAY he looked at my chart.  He would have known I was pregnant.  Some time later a lady came in, told me to lay on the bed and she would take me for an ultrasound.  By this time I was balling my eyes out.  I was in a great deal of pain and wanted to know that my baby was ok.

The ultrasound tech comes in and gets everything set up for the ultrasound.  I was so anxious to see the screen.  I did not know whether to look or close my eyes.  Finally she turns the volume up and I hear that beautiful sound of a heart beat.  A huge weight was lifted.  She showed me a couple different angles to verify everything was ok with the baby.  She then showed me a side view and held it there for probably three minutes.  I just stared at my precious baby.  His heart beating perfectly and his little body shaking with hiccups.     After I was reassured the baby and placenta were both ok she started looking at other things to see what could be causing the pain.  She snapped what seemed like a hundred pictures.  She got quiet and didn't really look at me.  I knew she saw something.  Something was wrong and she said she was not allowed to tell me what.  She said the doctor would have to review the scans and talk to me about it.  The other lady takes me back to the ER room where I sit and wait for the doctor.  I was as scared as could be.  While I saw the baby was ok, I did not know if the problem that the tech saw, could cause a problem with my pregnancy.

A while later (seemed like forever) the doctor finally came in and explained what the tech saw.  He said it needed taken care of right away and that it was good I came in.  Because of the procedure that had to be done I am at a high risk for miscarriage.  I was put on strict bedrest, no lifting or exerting more than 10lbs.  until my next doctor appointment, which is February 5th.  I think that is going to be really hard to do, and I am going to try my best.

 Up until this point I have hated that we got a t.v. for Christmas.  That is all Owen talks about and he wants to constantly watch Cars 2.  However, I think for the next few weeks The t.v. is going to be a blessing.  It is in the playroom so Owen does not sit in front of it in a daze, he plays with his toys and the t.v. is more of a background noise.  It keeps him happy to have it on though and it is going to help me get the rest I need in the upcoming weeks.   Here is to hoping that everything works out, I heal properly, and baby stays healthy.

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  1. Thinking of you, hope you heal well. What was wrong? Did you have a second embryo that was ectopic?