Saturday, September 20, 2014

Excuses of an addict

We all know that addicts make an excuse for their behavior right?  If you do not know this, maybe you have not come to accept your addiction.  I am well aware that I have an addiction to cloth diapers. But it was pointed out again over the phone with a friend the other day.  My friend is currently pregnant with her first child.  I have been trying to sway her toward cloth but nothing I have said has sunk in yet.

I was talking to her about a particular diaper when I got the response, "Girl, you do not need any more diapers!"  I kind of chuckled and responded "but look how cute this print is!" I kept going, to which she called me an addict and laughed at all the excuses I was coming up with.

Excuses of a cloth diaper addict:

  1. I need a variety of colors to match her dresses
  2. I have to have a few of each color so she has a matching diaper all day long
  3. But look how cute this print is
  4. Bum Genius just released a new LE, I have to buy them all! 
  5. I am saving money by not using disposables
  6. I have to save the environment
  7. I have an irrational fear of running out of clean diapers
  8. I need to have at least one diaper for every holiday
  9. There was an awesome price for these diapers in a B/S/T group on Facebook (realistically I am in 17 groups and follow 84 different cloth diaper related pages, and the urge is constant)
  10. Kelly's Closet just posted an awesome coupon code and I just could not pass it up.  

How to tell you are a true addict, you have caught yourself saying things and can think of many more.  

What other excuses do you use to defend your stash?   


  1. Hhahahaah great list. I'm new to CD and I have said at least 3 of these things! Cloth diaper addict in the making!

  2. Haha "This print will be HTF someday and I will be able to sell it for more than I paid". And I totally ran out of NB diapers today for the first time, ever, and Gracie wore SoftBums covers with ridiculously large prefolds stuffed inside :) so your fear is not entirely irrational, but I think I managed it well!!