Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A little addiction

I realized today that I have a slight cloth diaper addiction.  It was not until I took a picture of my diapers for this blog that I realized that I might have an addiction to cloth diapers.  I have recently made several purchases from Kelly's Closet. They are amazing!  They offer coupons weekly for free one-size diapers.  Which has helped feed my addiction and multiply my stash.  

Here are a few pictures of my recent purchases.

These two grovia AIO I received free with my purchase.

Grovia AIO newborn, 2 lil joeys AIO newborn, 2 Kissaluvs AIO newborn, 2 FuzziBunz Pocket newborn, 3 Bum Genius AIO newborn. 

6 Bum Genius One-size, 1 FuzziBunz pocket one-size(free diaper),  2 swaddlebee AIO newborn, 2 lil joey newborn AIO

Bum Genius is currently offering a deal that is available at Kelly's Closet.  If you buy 5 diapers you get one free.  Click here for the Bum Genius deal.  

So, after all of those purchases, here are pictures of my current stash.  

 Newborn diapers:
 3 bum genius, 2 fuzzibunz, 2 swaddlebees, 4 lil joeys, 1 grovia, 2 kissaluvs, 1 perfectbum, 1 happy flute, and 2 WAHM.  

One Size:

11 happy flute, 2 grovia, 1 coolababy, 4 Kawaii, 1 perfectbum, 20 sunbaby, 6 bum genius, 1 fuzzibunz.   Not pictured 2 happy flute.  

The happy flute diapers are a Chinese diaper that I ordered on e-bay.  They go for about $4 each.  They are awesome!   

I cannot wait for Baby girl to arrive and try out these newborn diapers!   


  1. An amazing stash!!! :)
    I love Kelly's closet.

    I can't wait to buy more diapers;)