Monday, April 1, 2013

Baby update

Sorry for my absence.  We took a trip to visit family in Maryland and Delaware.  It was great to get away and really good to see family and friends.  Before our trip I had my first midwife appointment, on the 20th.  Owen got to come with me.  It was the first time that he was able to hear the baby's heart beat.  The midwife even put the doppler on him so he could hear his.  Baby Charlotte's heart beat was 147 bpm.   So far so good.

I also was able to ask the midwife some questions about her practice and her labor/delivery practices.  I took a tour of the hospital that I will be delivering at and all of the nurses are trained in natural childbirth and will not push drugs or medical interception if there is not an absolute medical necessity.  Which is a huge relief.  My best friend will be acting as my doula for the birth and she is also going to attend the birthing classes since they are in the middle of the week and DH will be out of town.   The next thing I have been debating is whether or not to have a photographer at the birth.  A friend who did my wedding photography as well as some Christmas pictures volunteered to do the birth photography.  I do not know her super well and we are not very close.  Not sure how comfortable I feel about her being there through the birth.  However, I really really regret not having someone to take pictures of labor/delivery of Owen.  I am debating having a photographer there or just handing my best friend the camera, but if/when I need her support she wont be able to take pictures.  hmm...

Anyhow, my next check up is on the 17th.  Watch for a "bump" picture to follow soon.

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