Monday, July 29, 2013

She's here!!!

Charlotte Grace has finally arrived.   Born all natural at 4:28am 7lbs 8oz and 21"long.  (bigger than her brother)

I lost my mucus plug Friday morning and was having random contractions all day Friday and Saturday.  I was so sure she was coming Saturday.  When the day had passed and it was time to go to bed I was feeling a bit discouraged.  I was getting frustrated with the painful contractions not leading any where.  A little after midnight I started having more painful contractions, not at all following a pattern.  And then I felt the need to sit on the toilet and go to the bathroom, when I realized I didn't want to go to the bathroom, I wanted to push out a baby!  I called the on call nurse to get her opinion and see if maybe they recommended coming in and potentially have pit to regulate the contractions.  Even though I knew I wanted a natural birth.   When I said I wasnt having regular contractions but that I wanted to push she immediately said I had to call 911 and get an ambulance to the hospital.  Well I decided that was not necessary and I still had not woken my husband.  The on call nurse told me to wake him up and get to the hospital ASAP.  I woke up DH and DS and took DS to the neighbor's.  We drove as fast as legally possible to the hospital and my contractions started coming every three minutes.  We get in the hospital and checked in at 3:25.  I called Jackie and the photographer and let them know I was admitted and to come to the hospital (neither of them made it for the birth as it happened so fast). I was 5cm.  At 3:45 my water broke.  I was 7cm.  I told the nurse I needed to push.  I worked through contractions that came one after another and cried for a break.  I followed what my body was telling me and started pushing.  After a couple pushes they made me get on the bed so the baby wouldnt fall on the floor.  My husband saw the head and kinda panicked because the nurses were not ready.  Two pushes later the midwife was telling me to reach down and grab my baby, she was here.  She came so fast the midwife didn't even have the chance to put gloves on.  

Everything is going well.  We are back at home.   Charlotte is nursing like a champ.  I feel amazing.  I do not even feel like I just gave birth, minus some cramps when I nurse, but nothing worse than a moderate period.  DS is so excited   that his sister is finally here.  We could not be happier!

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  1. She's beautiful!!!

    With my first I labored for 17hourd!! And all on my feet due to back pain.

    The second time I was rushing to get to the hospital...well as fast as we can go while being in traffic ;)
    I gave birth 1 1/2 hours after arriving at the hospital.

    I needed to be wheeled into a surgery room(just in case for c-section) BUT!! My babies were boy was half way out while I was in the hall way!