Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Potty Training!

Owen has now gone two weeks without diapers. (during the day).  On the 18th I just decided that Owen needed to be in underwear.  I want him to be out of the one-size diapers before Charlotte starts wearing them, which may be in the next month.

The first day was very difficult.  I hid the diapers and Owen did not like this idea. He became very upset.  He did not want to be naked and he did not want to wear underwear.  He got into the diaper bag and pulled out the diaper I had in there (smart boy).  He screamed that I would not put the diaper on him.  When I refused he sat on the diaper to go pee.  He also peed on the couch and then later in the kitchen.  This was very stressful for both of us.  However, day two went much better.  I told Owen if he used the potty that I would get him jelly beans.  This was enough incentive.  I did not have any jelly beans though, so we braved a trip to the store in underwear.  He did awesome!!!  He went pee in the potty at the grocery store and was so excited he told the cashier.  We made it home with no accidents and he continued to use the potty.

 Our potty had  a "pee guard"  so I didn't teach him he had to hold his peepee right away.  But then it broke off and I had to.  The first time he had to go number two he was scared and did not make it on the potty.  The second time however, he didn't tell anyone he had to go, he just went!  He stays dry all day and wears his underwear, even for nap time.  We have since made many trips out and he is able to either hold it, or let me know in enough time to make it to the potty.   We are currently working on teaching him to stand up, which he seems to prefer.    At night he is hesitant to wear diapers, but some mornings he does not wake up dry, so for now we are sticking with diapers.   I am so proud of him for doing so well with underwear.    I thought this would never happen!

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