Monday, July 14, 2014

Diapers!!! Stash update

 I do not think I have ever seen all of the diapers in one pile before.  Sometimes I forget how many I really have.

The list includes:
30 Sunbaby, OS, pockets
6 Fuzzibunz, Small, Pocket
5 Fuzzibunz, OS Elite, Pocket
1 OS pocket,  I made
8 Kawaii, OS, pocket
2 SoftBums, OS, Omni
4 Rumparooz, OS, Pocket
1 Cocalo, Medium, AI2
13 BumGenus
2 Blueberry, OS, pocket
1 Simplex, OS, pocket
2 Simplex, OS, AIO
2 Little Owl, Medium, snap in
12 misc. China Cheapies, pocket
13 BumGenus, OS, 4.0 pocket
12 OsoCozy unbleached flats
4 OsoCozy Organic Flats
5 Flour Sack Towels
1 Kawaii OS cover
2 Thirsties Duo wrap
1 Rumparooz cover

I have a pretty busy schedule coming up, but I plan on doing a review for all of these diapers in August.

Softbum Omni

Flats and covers

6 FuzziBunz small, 5 FB Elite, 2 Little Owl, 1 Softbum

8 Kawaii, 1 Blueberry, 2 Simplex, 4 Rumparooz

China cheapies, Kawaii, SunBaby


  1. WOW!!! YOu have a lot!! I am just starting to start my collection before my baby comes in November. Which AI2/Hybrids are your favorite?

  2. OMGosh! I am so envious of your stash! Very nice. I have about 26 diapers and would love more.

  3. Wow!!! That's an amazing diaper stash!!

    I have 3 thirsties aio, 1 sweet pea aio and one imagine cover that is way too big for my preemie:)

    So far i do cloth diapering whenever I have clean cloth diapers. I can't wait to expand my cloth diapering stash.

    What is your favorite cloth diaper? :)