Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Since having Owen I have done my share of research on pregnancy, labor, delivery, and the weeks after.  Then I had an amazing pregnancy and birth experience with Charlotte.  It made me want to help other women experience the same euphoria that I experienced.  

I looked up certifications classes in the area and unfortunately I missed the last class.  However, this gives me the opportunity to finish reading all of the required material plus some.  I bought several books on Amazon and downloaded some on the Kindle app.  Some of the books I have read before but I want to brush up my skills and add to my knowledge.  I hope to read a bunch more books as I go to learn a variety of techniques, procedures, and experiences.  I plan on taking the certification class next year when they host it again in Charlotte.  Until then I hope to find women who are willing to open up to me and let me assist them through their pregnancy and hopefully with their labor and the birth of their babies.  

In the mean time, I get to read, read, read!  

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  1. My doula was last minute at my birth. And I'm so thankful she decided to rush there. Helped so much during transition!