Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Mickey Mouse sun catcher

For the kids' birthday party we did a Mickey and Minnie Mouse theme.  One of the activities I had for the children to do was to make a sun catcher.

At the beginning of the party I almost scrapped the idea after watching all of the bigger kids running around and playing.  I grabbed my friend's daughter and helped her make one and then all of the other kids became curious and wanted to make one too.

They were a hit.  All of the kids enjoyed making them and some even made a couple.  The parents were even impressed with the creativity of it.  

So, how do you make one of these?  

Materials needed: 

Contact paper
tissue paper
construction paper

Step 1. Cut out a border
             I cut out a Mickey Mouse head using my cricut.  You can use any shape though.  If you do not have a cricut simply cut out a shape and then cut that shape a little smaller, to give you the outline.  This can be as thin or thick as you want.

Step 2.  Cut contact paper slightly wider than your border and double the length

Step 3.  Peel back one side of the contact paper

Step 4.  Carefully lay your border on to the contact paper

Step 5.  Stick the contact paper back to the backing.
              This is where I stopped.  I prepped all of the pieces before the party.

Step 6.   Peel the contact paper away from the backing half way.  Then add tissue paper.
               I had some tissue paper cut for the kids, but mostly let them rip their own.   It is important to be careful at this step.  You do not want too much tissue paper on it to the point that when you peel the other half of the contact paper on to seal it that it sticks to a layer of tissue paper and not to the side that had the border.  

Step 7.  Adhere the other half of the contact paper to the side with the border.  Press heavily along the border to ensure it is completely adhered together.  

Step 8.  Cut around the border and hang in the window


  1. Fun! What a great project! My toddler would love to make one this week :)

  2. How cute! This would be so fun to do babysitting!

  3. these are very cute. thanks for sharing the idea. my son loves to make crafts!