Thursday, August 14, 2014

Spray pal

This post is a little over due, but I LOVE the Spray Pal.  I did not buy a diaper sprayer when I first started cloth diapering with Owen.  It was easy to just knock the poo in the toilet with little mess.  However, newborns poop a lot, and it is not solid.  Before Charlotte was born I bought a sprayer and attached it to the toilet.  Owen gave me a diaper to try it out on.  What a mess, my first time spraying a diaper turned out to be a disaster.  I do not know how other people do it.  I tried several times to spray diapers without water splashing every where and soaking the toilet paper roll.  Upon further research I found the Spray Pal.

The spray pal is essentially a plastic clipboard that is enclosed.

Clip the diaper onto the spray pal and snap the sides together.

Spray diaper clean.  Make sure the bottom of the Spray pal is in the toilet so that the run off does not go on the toilet and floor.  The convenience of the Spray Pal allows you to turn the pressure all the way up and allowing to spray all parts of the diaper.  

The shape of the Spray-Pal allows me to easily reach my hand to spray thee bottom of the diaper.  It also allows me to be able to see all of the diaper and focus the spraying on the areas that need it the most. 

I love the spray pal and not sure how anyone sprays diapers without it! 

Here is a video made by Spray Pal that demonstrates use.  

The disadvantage of the Spray-Pal is that you need some where to store it.  It does fold up fairly flat and can easily fit behind my toilet.  I would recommend laying a towel down or putting the spray-pal into a bucket or pail so it does not drip onto the floor.  I typically put it in the tub, which is right beside the toilet, until it dries.  Then I fold it up and set it beside the toilet.  I love that the spray pal is enclosed around the front to protect from water splashing the walls and toilet.  The clip is strong and holds diapers and even wipes while I spray but doesn't hurt the diaper.

Other uses for the Spray-Pal?  Owen was sick the one day and we had a vomit mess.  I ended up lining the tub with towels and letting him sleep in the tub.  I put Owen's shirt in the Spray-Pal and quickly sprayed the vomit off of his shirt.  The wash cloths I used to clean the vomit off the floor, were also sprayed off using the Spray-Pal.

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  1. I would love this product as I start my journey into Cloth Diapers. I know you spray it clean and let it to dry, but do you think it still smells in the bathroom because of the spray pal? Thanks.

    1. If anything, there is less smell because you are spraying all of the poop off of the diapers. I also use it to spray wet inserts the day after I washed diapers, since they will be sitting in the pail until the next wash day. This helps dilute the urine on the diaper so it does not have a urine smell on wash day.

  2. I will defiantly need the sprayer and the spray pal when my boy starts solids.

    Fingers crossed to win one ;)

  3. I had always wondered how in the world people use a diaper sprayer without getting water and poo everywhere. We are still waiting on baby but I do not plan on spraying any diapers without using a spray pal

  4. I am planning on getting one of these -- I only read rave reviews of it, and the family who invented it is really cool. :)

  5. I totally need this!! So tired getting the wall next to the toilet all gross!!

  6. Always wondered it the spray pal was worth it, now I know it is for more than just spraying poo of my diapers