Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Where is my baby boy??

Owen is almost 3!?!?  In one month and ten days, Owen will be three.  I cannot believe that it has been three  years.  This time three years ago I was rocking in his nursery thinking about what he would be like, who he would look like, and how much I could not wait to see him.  I now find myself thinking the same about this baby.  The past week Martin was home and Owen wanted to spend most of his time with him.  The only time Owen needed me was to change diapers and kiss his booboos.  But this gave me the chance to sit back and just observe him.  I am amazed at how well he is learning.  He can sing his abc's and count as well as recognize numbers.  He knows many colors and is doing great with shapes.  Besides still wearing diapers, all of the baby is gone.  It makes me sad, but it also makes me proud to see how smart he is.  He is becoming more and more independent and wants to do everything on his own.  He insists on picking his own clothes out, choosing what color diaper to wear.  He sits at the table in his own chair and eats with the regular utensils.  Our first swimming trip this season he did amazing.  He is completely fearless in the water.  

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  1. Handsome little boy.

    I can't believe how fast time flies.
    My boy will be turning three next year and my younger son will be 7 months!!
    Time flies even faster when there's two little Children at home.