Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cloth diaper review II

It has been a while since I have written a review on the types of cloth diapers, and I have since acquired more varieties, so here goes.

My current stash includes
2- AIO One Size GroVia
1- AIO One-size BumGenius
20- Pocket One-Size SunBaby
14- Pocket One-Size Happy Flute
6- Pocket One-Size BumGenius 4.0
4- Pocket One-Size Kawaii
1- Pocket One-Size Coolababy
1- Pocket One-Size Fuzzibunz Elite
1- AI2 Perfectbum
4- AIO NB Lil Joeys
3- AIO NB BumGenius
2- AIO NB Swaddlebees
2- AIO NB Kissaluvs
2- Pocket NB FuzziBunz
1- AIO NB Grovia
1- AI2 NB Perfectbum

In addition I have seven WAHM made diapers.

 BumGenius Freetime All-In-One One-Size Cloth Diaper

This is probably one of my favorite diapers in my stash.  It is super easy!  
Super stretchy tabs make for a perfect fit.
Long stretch of elastic around back and legs. 

waterproof lining around the stomach to prevent leaks at the belly.  Especially wonderful for overnight use.

The "inserts" are sewn in and also have little pockets.  This style allows for a cleaner wash and faster dry time.  The pockets allow for a booster or hemp insert to be added to make the perfect over night diaper. 

The BumGenius AIO is definitely my most favorite diaper in my stash so far.  I love the convenience of it being all in one.  I also love that the inserts are sewn in on opposite ends.  The way it opens up makes it easier to clean and takes less time to dry.  The  waterproof waist band prevents leaks at the tummy, which is perfect for my belly sleeper.  It has the right amount of absorbancy for during the day.  At night I simply tuck a hemp booster into the pocket and put it on.  This is the best overnight diaper we have.  I want to add more of these to my stash eventually. 

These diapers cost about $20 each.  I think they are definitely worth the cost and will buy more eventually.

GroVia® One-Size All-In-One Cloth Diaper

Rather than having the options of snaps on the stomach, the extra snaps are on the wings.
Insert sewn in with snaps to add boosters. 

This diaper has excellent absorbancy, it is nice and trim.  Booster pads can be added for extra absorbancy.  I do not really care for this diaper.  I do not like the way it snaps.  Having the extra fabric from the wings around the diaper bothers Owen and he constantly fiddles with it.  This is not a diaper he will volunteer to wear.  This is more of a last resort diaper for him.

These diapers are a bit more expensive running about $24 each.  I was given two of these free from Kelly's Closet.  These are not diapers I would voluntarily buy because of the cost and style. 

BumGenius 4.0 One-Size Stay-Dry Cloth diaper

Generous sizing makes for a good fit for a range of babies and toddlers.
Pocket diaper with the waterproof waistband.

 The BumGenius is definitely my favorite brand of diaper.  I love the stretchy tabs.  Two rows of tabs helps prevent wing droop.  The elastic around the legs fits perfectly without leaving any marks on Owen's legs.  The waterproof waistband prevents leaks around the tummy.  These diapers run about $18 each.  There is currently an offer to buy 5 get one free, making the diapers cost about $14.50 each.  This is a very affordable option for such a great diaper.  This deal is available through Kelly's Closet.   I currently have 6 of these diapers in my stash. 

 Kawaii Ultra Soft Square Tab One Size Snap Closure Cloth Diaper

The kawaii are a one-size diaper and the largest diaper in my stash.  This would be a great diaper for bigger babies and perfect for toddlers.  These diapers also have a second snap to prevent wing droop.  As with the BumGenius, the Kawaii also have a waterproof waistband that prevent leaks at the belly.  These diapers are great for overnight and during the day.  At only $10 each they are very affordable and a great addition to your stash.  I currently have 4 of these in my stash.

FuzziBunz(R) One Size ELITE Cloth Diaper
Easily adjustable elastic around legs and back.

I love the idea of this diaper.  Having the ability to adjust the elastic is a great concept allowing for a perfect fit for any baby or toddler.  However, finding the perfect fit takes some trial and error.  Owen doesn't really care for this diaper and I haven't really tried too hard to find the proper adjustment to make it work with Owen.  I received this diaper for free from Kelly's Closet, but was a diaper I had planned on buying eventually.  This diaper is generally $20.  Love the idea, and perhaps I will use it more with baby #2, but for now it sits at the bottom of our diaper bin and does not get used.

Happy Flute One Size

I bought these diapers on Ebay when I first started using cloth diapers.  They were about $4 each.  I love these diapers.  They fit Owen well and come in some cute prints.  These originally only had two snaps on the tabs but I had problems with wing droop and decided to add a third snap on the tabs.  I also wish that these diapers had the waterproof lining around the stomach.  These diapers are generally what Owen goes for first (probably because of the patterns on them)  We currently have 13 of these diapers in our stash.

 SunBaby One Size

These diapers are similar to the BumGenius.  They have two snaps on the tabs, waterproof waistband, and stretchy elastic providing for a great fit around the waist and legs.  The diaper is the smallest one-size diaper in our stash.  It fits perfectly for Owen and I am hoping since it is smaller, it will fit the baby right away. 

I currently have 20 of these diapers in my stash.  They were all given to me from an acquaintance, but generally run about $10 each, making them a great affordable diaper to add to any stash. 

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