Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cloth Diaper Inserts

There are so many sizes and styles of diapers that I often find myself researching and reading reviews before buying a particular diaper.  However, I never really considered the inserts for the diaper.  I just used whatever came with the diaper.  Until recently.  My toddler has hit that stage where he pees crazy amounts at one time.  Previously we would use two microfiber inserts or whatever inserts came with the diaper.  Well lately Owen would freeze when going pee and I would soon see the pee running down his leg.   After changing his diaper I noticed it is not at all fault of the diaper, the inserts were completely soaked.  So, I started researching for other inserts.  I was about to buy several different brands of hemp and bamboo inserts until I read an amazing review for BabyKicks Premium JoeyBunz Hemp Inserts.   I decided to give them a try.  I only bought three at first and have recently ordered five more.  These are amazing.  They are super trim and SUPER absorbent.  The Premiums are a cotton hemp combination and include two inserts sewn together.  At night I just add a microfiber on top before inserting them into the diaper.  Since Hemp is a little slower at absorbing this prevents it from leaking until it can be absorbed.  I also do the same during the day, but with a booster rather than and insert, this helps keep it trim.  I have had to readjust his pants because the diapers are so trim with the hemp that his pants were falling down.

When I was ordering the JoeyBunz inserts I read that they shrink.  I was thinking maybe a couple centimeters.  And then the inserts came in.  I could not believe how big they were.  I thought I was going to have to fold them to get them to fit in the diaper.  After washing them however, they are not much bigger than the Kawaii One size inserts.  As you can see in the picture, these inserts are made by hand and the lengths vary slightly.

 Washed insert on top of pre-washed insert to show difference in size.
These inserts can come stitched with green or ivory.  

These come as two inserts sewn at one end.

 This is a comparison to show the difference in trimness.  On the left is a pink sunbaby diaper with two microfiber inserts.  In the middle is a pink sunbaby diaper with the JoeyBunz hemp inserts as well as a Kawaii microfiber insert.  On the right is a pink sunbaby diaper with only the Joey Bunz inserts.  

Pretty trim.  :)  

I think I might get a couple other brands just to try them out.  But for now, I am very impressed with their absorbency and how trim they are. 

If you cloth diaper, what kind of inserts do you use? 

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