Monday, August 5, 2013

Cloth diapering a newborn

A few days ago I started cloth diapering Charlotte.  I have a bunch of disposables that I was given by the hospital and purchased, however I have absolutely no desire to use them.  Charlotte's umbilical cord stump fell off last week but it is still not fully healed.  I have found the only diapers that fit her without touching her belly button are the lil joey's,  However I only have four of those.

This is the GroVia.  It does not have a snap to prevent it from touching the belly button, it covers it up.  There is also a small gap around the legs, which so far has not been an issue.

This is a Kissaluvs.  I like these diapers because they do have the snap for the umbilical cord.  They also fit around her legs pretty well when I have it snapped properly.  

This is one of the swaddlebees (Charlotte doesn't really like having her diaper changed, please excuse the sad faces and blurry photos.)   I was not sure if i would like these because of the way the insert is attached but pulls out, similar to a pocket.  This diaper has a snap for the cord, but because the pocket is not attached to the top of the diaper, the pocket rubs up against the belly button, despite the diaper being snapped down.  It does fit around her legs very nicely though.  

This is a pocket diaper my sister made.  It has the snap for the cord and comes just below the belly button.  It also fits very snug around her legs, preventing and poop explosions.  However, I do not have an insert that fits inside very well, so it kind of has a bulge in the back.  Not a fault of the diaper however.  

 This diaper is a lil Joey.  By far my favorite for her size.  It has inner leg gussets which help contain messes.  It also has the umbilical cord snap.  It fits snug around the legs, which also help to hold in messes.  I love that it is AIO so I don't have to worry about stuffing it.  

I unfortunately do not have a very large n/b stash, as I did not want to buy too many since she wont fit them very long (hopefully).  I have 4 lil joeys, 1 Grovia, 2 swaddlebees, 1 WAHM, and 2 kissaluvs.  I also have a few others, but they don't really fit right now.  So with just 10 diapers that fit, I am washing cloth diapers every day.  Thankfully my son also uses them so it helps to fill the load.  I have not really used the diaper sprayer to spray poop off yet, I have just been doing it in the sink since there is not much poopy.  


  1. Her facial expressions absolutely KILL me. She already looks like she has attitude :) I especially love the one at the top right. She's looks like she is saying yeah..I know I'm beautiful!!

  2. Cutie!!! :)

    I defiantly need to try lil joeys on my boy :)