Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How did I get here?

I was nursing Charlotte while rocking in the chair in the nursery around 1am this morning.  I looked down at her and saw this beautiful little newborn baby.  I suddenly flashed back to three years ago when I was holding Owen as a newborn and nursing him.  I know everyone says it, "where did the time go?"  But seriously, where did it go?  How did I get here?  I am married, have been living away from family for six years, I now have two children.   It is because that time goes so fast that I just want to hold and cherish my toddler and newborn for as long as I can.

Charlotte had a doctor appointment today and has surpassed her birth weight.  YAY!  She now weighs 7lbs 14ounces.  And that was Before I nursed her, so completely empty stomach.  Her umbilical cord fell off last Thursday but her belly button has a little bit of blood from not being completely healed yet.  The pediatrician said it is perfectly normal and will be safe to use cloth diapers that cover her belly button as there are no chemicals in the cloth that would agitate the belly button.  We are also cleared to give her a real bath.  I can finally wash off breast milk crusties with more than a baby wipe.  The pediatrician said she is looking so good and healthy we do not have to come back for the two week check up.  YAY.  She is still nursing very well and my supply of milk is never ending it seems.

Owen has finally reached the jealous point.  He often tries to hit his sister when I am nursing her because he wants to sit in my lap instead of her.  But for the most part he is still an awesome big brother.  He sings to her and tries to give her hugs, and loves cuddling with her.

The other day I had laid Charlotte on the floor in her room and started to put towels into the dryer.  I got about three in there when all of a sudden I heard Charlotte gagging.  Thinking she was gagging on spit up or something I rush in her room to check on her.  (her room is right next to the laundry.)  I walk in her room and Owen looks at me and says "I am playing doctor, mommy."  He had a thermometer in Charlotte's mouth attempting to take her temperature.  Nice thought Owen, glad he wants to be sure she is healthy, and already trying to play with her.  However, it completely freaked me out.  Now if I am upstairs and need to walk away for a moment, she goes in her crib.  Although I am sure one day I will find Owen in there with her.  


  1. Won't take long for him to figure out how to climb in with her. That is when the real fun begins. Florence throws toys in the crib for Allison to play with (usually just missing her head) then climbs in to play with her. It will happen just wait!

  2. Blaise and Camille have jumping parties in the crib!