Monday, August 12, 2013

Week Two Update

We have now been home for two weeks.

Update on Owen:
   This past week Martin was out of town and so I had the kids to myself.  Overall Owen did great.  At the beginning of the week he was upset because his dad was not home.  We also had a few times where he acted out a bit.  He has really learned to scream this past week. However, he loves to help out and I think it makes him feel important when I ask him to do special favors for me or his sister.  Yesterday Owen was sick and spent the day sleeping, and when he is not sleeping he was vomiting.  It was not very fun.  He seems to be much better today and has been eating, playing and being his usual self, no vomit involved.  He is getting very good at singing his alphabet and loves spinning around the living room singing it.  Owen received some blocks for his birthday and loves to build things with them.  When I am in another room Owen screams for me and says "Momma, come look what Owie did!"  When I come into the room he very proudly shows me what he has made.  He is definitely a smart child and becoming so much more independent as time passes.  

Update on Charlotte:
     Charlotte has been awake more and more every day.  She has started to tolerate her brother smashing hugging her.  I also think she is going through a bit of a growth spurt.  The last two days she has gone 45 minutes in between feedings taking only a few naps during the day.  She has however slept very well at night, sleeping 3-4 hours at a time.   

Milestones: First bath, 

Update on me:
      I still feel pretty amazing.  Well, that was until I measured my stomach I was so sure I was smaller, turns out my mind is just thinking about how big I have been the last few months.  :(  However, I have set a goal to drop 10 pounds over the next nine months.  Really don't care about numbers though, only size as I know muscle weighs more than fat. I start school this week and I am also alone again this week.  So this week is more of a test of time management.  

As far as breastfeeding goes, I am not as engorged.  I also do not leak nearly as much at night, which I am so happy about.  It is not fun to wake up because your shirt is wet.  Charlotte has been feeding frequently the last two days, which has helped me to not feel so engorged.  Unfortunately on Thursday I started feeling very cold and have a really bad headache.  When I woke up Friday morning I felt even more miserable, exhausted, cold, hot, and a pounding headache. I took my temp and it was 101.8.  Hospital discharge papers states to call the midwife with any temp over 101.  So I did, they told me to come in and be seen.  (Yay, another week, another visit to the mw)  I go in she reviews my symptoms said sounds like mastitis.  She checks to confirm then prescribes me an antibiotic.  I finally feel back to regular.  Thank goodness.  

That's all for now.  Check back next week for another update. 


  1. Landon smashes - I mean hugs - Raegan as well :) She has grown to love it! I'm still so jealous of your teeny tiny pregnant body... 10 pounds in 9 months will be easy!! I'm excited to start yoga again when school starts next week. PS: I thought you were taking a semester off?!

  2. Thanks. And no I could not take a semester off, I want to graduate as soon as I possibly can, no more than a week break for me.