Thursday, September 5, 2013

One month!

I was told over the weekend that my daughter is not two weeks old anymore.  I was confused at first because I know that she is not two weeks old.   It was then explained I have neglected my blog.  I apologize for that.  Life has been a little crazy and time I allot for blogging has lately been going towards family and school.

At Charlotte's one month check up on August 28th, she weighed 9 pounds and 22 3/4 inches.  Really almost 23"??  She really grew that much since birth?  It amazes me.  She is definitely long and lean.

She is still doing great at nursing.  She also is doing very well at sleeping 4-5 hours at night.  When her big brother lets her, she takes good naps during the day as well.  Week three she hit a growth spurt and started cluster feeding, eating almost every hour.  I believe her stats from her month check up reflect that growth spurt she hit.  Glad to see mommy's milk is doing her good.

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