Sunday, September 8, 2013

6 week update

Six weeks, holy smokies!  Charlotte is definitely growing.  Last time I weighed her she was ten pounds!  Also, this girl loves to smile.  She smiles in her sleep, she smiles when I look at her, she smiles when I talk to her or sing to her.  This morning she had a bath and she loved it!  She was kicking and splashing and smiling the entire time.  Charlotte also makes cute little noises, almost like she is humming.  It is adorable.

Owen is getting a little better at being gentle and asking before picking her up.  He loves to snuggle with her and give her kisses.

I have been pumping milk from one side every time Charlotte eats to build a stash in the freezer.  I had a good stash but I donated to a newborn in need, so now I have to re-build.  Owen has grabbed the pump and supplies a couple times and put it to his chest.  Silly boy.  My supply has finally leveled out and I am not constantly engorged, which I am so happy about.  Another thing I am happy about, having my body back, well almost.  I guess while I am nursing I technically do not have my body totally back.  While pregnancy is amazing and feeling kicks is breath-taking (literally and figuratively) I am happy to be able to hold my child in my arms.

So far having two children has not changed my day to day routine besides having a baby attached to my chest throughout the day, and night.  I know this will change once Charlotte is mobile things will be different and more difficult.  I am more tired and that has made me less motivated to do as well in school, but I am doing my best to make sure I continue to earn high grades in my classes.

We are still cloth diapering and I am so glad to be.  I have used a couple of disposables on our trip to MD and they leaked and they have a smell.  Since I already wash cloth diapers it does not really seem like it is too much more work, and it is so much cheaper.  If we were to have used disposable diapers at 16 diapers a day (average sometimes less, some days more) for 5 weeks, at $0.15 a diaper, we would have spent $85 approximately.  The cost of the cloth diapers was more than $85 but she still has room to grow before she outgrows them.  Plus they have a really good resell value of just a couple dollars under retail.  So if I use cloth for just two months, it will be cheaper than disposables.

I am so glad to have her and so excited to watch her and Owen grow.

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