Saturday, September 7, 2013

Father son time

Every time Martin packs up his kayak and fishing gear, Owen gets all excited and helps him get everything ready.  One Saturday Martin headed toward the coast to do some fishing/  The night before Owen helped him get everything ready as usual.  When Owen woke up he was so upset that Martin left without him.  We decided it was time, Owen was big enough to ride in the back of the kayak.  We waited for a beautiful day and loaded everything into the truck and hit the lake.

He kept telling Martin to go faster, then once Martin started  catching fish he wanted more fish.  We brought the grill and had a little picnic.  Although, I forgot the plates and utensils, so it was a bit of a caveman dinner.  Owen had such a blast.  He asks when he can go back.  On our trip to Maryland we crossed over several bodies of water and Owen asked to go kayaking on them.  I think Daddy is proud to have a son so excited about kayaking and fishing.  <3

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