Sunday, January 12, 2014

{52 weeks} Week 3: all about cloth

When thinking of things I can change in my life to be greener and healthier I also think about the changes I have already made. Switching to cloth diapers and using cloth wipes, and cloth nursing pads for starters are all great steps. I then see the huge stash of paper towels that I have. As I finished off a roll today I realized how much we waste using paper towels, not to mention the money we spend on them. I then realized I do not own any kitchen towels and I only have one kitchen wash rag. I do have "rags" from torn shirts or bath towels in addition to a few microfiber towels, but we never use them.  So this week I will be buying some kitchen towels and making the switch. I will still have my stash of paper towels for the really dirty messes, but for regular cleaning and doing dishes, we will be switching to cloth.

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  1. Did you stock up on towels and stop using paper? I'm getting some FSTs for the flats challenge and I want to get some for the kitchen, too!!