Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Cloth Diaper Stash Updated.

Now that Charlotte has outgrown almost all of the newborn diapers I have moved on to sized diapers.  I cannot wait for her to fit into the One Size diapers because I have tons of those.

 This was my newborn diaper stash.  I have since sold most of these.

Newborn diapers: (27)

Pictured is
13 GroVia Aio (these fit from birth until 4 months)
2 Bum Genius AIO (these fit from birth until about 8 weeks) 
3 Kissaluvs AIO (she still wears these)
2 lil joey AIO (She wore these until about 8 weeks.  I had 10 originally, these were my favorite for the first couple months as they had the best fit.)
3 Perfect Bum diaper shells with tri-fold inserts
1 gdiaper
4 Simplex AIO (I LOVE these.  She still fits them too!) 
6 FuzziBunz XS pocket (these fit from birth until 4 months.  I loved the fit but it was a little difficult to stuff the insert inside.)
3 Thirsties AIO small (we are currently using these, they did not fit at birth.) 

One Size Diapers: (71)

 All 17 of these are china cheapies except the two Elmo diapers, my favorites are the Happy Flute.  

Below are more China cheapies, The solid purple and pink diapers are Sun Baby and I have one Charlie Banana. 

These are all my OS "name brand" diapers
 9 Kawaii Baby pocket
1 Blueberry pocket
2 Simplex AIO
11 Bum Genius pocket
1 FuzziBunz Elite
5 Rumparooz (The only OS diaper that fits currently, because of the leg gussets)

Sized Diapers: (30)

 12 Thirsties Size 1 AIO (my favorite, can you tell?)
6 FuzziBunz Small pocket (not as impressed with these as I was with the n/b.  Hoping my feelings will change as she gets bigger)
4 Simplex Aio
1 SweetPea AIO (similar to Thirsties, however the velcro kinda sucks on this and the tabs stick to everything in the wash.)
3 Perfect Bum Hybrids Medium
3 Kissaluvs AIO
1 Itty bitti SIO (perfect over night diaper, but not sure how much longer she will fit in it.)


These are accessories, some are essential and some are not.  There are also cheaper alternatives.  
 wipe solution: Thirsties booty luster, and a home-made solution.  I keep one in the diaper bag.
Bottom cream:  Cj's spray and butter.  I love both.  I use the butter more for lotion and the spray for her bottom.
Cloth wipes: I have 6 Thirsties fab wipes and 6 sweetbottoms bamboo velour wipes and a stack of soft regular baby wash cloths.  (we have more of the velour ones we use as tissues.)
Wet bag: I have 4 one my sister made me, two are blueberry (and they are my favorite), and one Grovia (which I don't really care for only because it is draw string.) 
Pail Liner: I have 2 one white one I have no clue the brand and a wooly bug.  One is all that is needed, but I have an extra for when the other is in the wash.
Spray Pal-This is definitely not a requirement, but I always make a mess spraying, so it is required in my house.  
Diaper Sprayer- I have an aqueous sprayer.  I bought it on sale, it was cheap and it does the job without issue.
Detergent- I use Rockin Green.  I started off with this brand and have tried many others, but this works best for me and gets the diapers good and clean.
Funk Rock, I use this maybe once every other month, just in case there is build up from the hard water. 
I have a stack of hemp inserts and a stack of microfiber extra in case I need to add a little more absorbency for over night or car rides.  
I also have 2 bum genius stay dry socks.  You can stuff these with the microfiber inserts and put against baby's skin.  

I finally feel like my stash is complete and I do not need anymore diapers. 


  1. I was wondering I noticed you use the cheap china brands do you just change them more often or use them with a soaker? I love the prices but have heard such bad things just wondering if there is a secret to making them work.

    1. The SunBaby diapers came with inserts. I double those up for over night and for the toddler. I really like them and love the waistband to prevent leaks when they lay on their tummy. The other cheapies I have stuffed with kawaii inserts. I LOVE the kawaii microfiber inserts. Another option is doubling them with a hemp insert. The ones that I have are the ones that were made well. But not all China cheapies are created equal. I have thrown out about 30 that have delaminated, had holes, or broken snaps, and so on after just a few uses. Considering how much I have thrown out to how much I have left, and having to buy new inserts, I have not purchased anymore china cheapies and have been switching to only diapers that are guaranteed like the Bum genius and Rumparooz, which are my two favorite OS in my stash. If you don't mind taking the risk of buying diapers that might fall apart, or are strapped for cash, they are a good way to go.