Monday, January 6, 2014

52 Weeks

As mentioned previously, I am going to make one small change every week as my new year resolution.  My first week I decided to tackle the toy room and organize it better.  Before having children that was our "catch all" room.  It is where we put stuff we didn't really know where to put else where.   It also needed cleaned and organized as the children received toys just before for Christmas.  It wasn't until after I had some of the cabinets cleared out that I thought to take pictures.  I will make a more detailed post later about the toy room transformation.

Week Two I am making the change for no more fast food, with some exceptions.  It is so easy for me to swing by McDonald's and grab something for Owen to eat.  I might only get a water for myself.  How horrible is it that I don't eat at McDonald's but I will feed it to my toddler?!?!  Well that ends today.  I vow to not take him to any fast food restaurants (restaurants with drive thrus).  The exception to this is when we are traveling.  While close to home I will not do it.  I will plan running errands better so we only go in between meals and I will take Cheerios, apples, or some other food that Owen can snack on if he needs it.   Not only is this healthier for us, but it will also save us some money as well.

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