Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone brought in the new year safely.   I let Owen stay up and we watched the ball drop online.  Martin called at midnight since he was in Georgia for work.  Charlotte slept through it all, as to be expected.  
In 2013 I finished my associates degree in accounting in January, we visited Pop Pop in Maryland and Babcia in Delaware for Easter.

In May Owen and I made the trip to Pennsylvania for a baby shower for Charlotte.  We also went to the Pittsburgh Zoo.

 In July we welcomed our beautiful daughter.

I quit drinking soda (A HUGE challenge for me as I was drinking close to two liters a day!)

Owen started using the potty.

And I finished the year by landing a part time job at a church day care.

In 2014 Owen will start preschool, I will graduate with a Bachelor's of Science in Accounting, hopefully start my career in the accounting field, pay off our truck, as well as many other fun things.

Rather than doing the typical resolutions list, I am going to challenge myself to make one small change every week.  I figure 52 small changes will add up to a big difference in our home.  Some of these changes include making less waste, eating more home-made foods via garden/local farmers, less electronic use (aside from my online classes), and so forth.  

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