Thursday, May 16, 2013

Another week down

I am another week closer to seeing my precious little girl!  This past Monday I had an appointment with the midwife.  I am finally gaining weight, up 4 lbs from last week.  Still below my pre-pregnancy weight but the midwife was happy to see I am gaining.  She also stated that because everything is going so well in the pregnancy I can go every three weeks rather than every two.  This means that I will have an appointment on the 4th, and then another three weeks after that.  That will put me at the 36 week mark at which point I will start going weekly.  I cannot believe how quickly this pregnancy is going!

Fingers on her forehead, toes touching her eye, and umbilical cord in her mouth. 

Sweet baby girl is still frank breech and hiding behind the anterior placenta.  She still has time to flip around, and I really hope she does!   She is getting big and I cannot believe we are at 30 weeks! 

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  1. I love seeing ultrasound pictures.

    I had to have weekly ultrasound at 16 weeks due to being high risk with my twins.