Saturday, October 19, 2013

I'm Done!

I am so happy to say I am done!  Done using disposable nursing pads that is.  I bought a bunch of cloth nursing pads while pregnant.  Little did I know my let down would be so much that I would soak an entire pad just with one let done.  I was going through boxes of nursing pads.  11 boxes of 100 Lansinoh total.  Right after my milk came in I was using an entire box in 3-4 days.  The disposables are great, they are super absorbent and did the job.  However, I had to continue to spend money and buy these (my favorite out of evenflo, medela, and lansinoh) they are individually wrapped, and just created a bunch of trash.

I found a new method for using cloth that works for me, especially at night.  During the day I am able to get by with using just an Udder Cover nursing pad.  I have to change them after every let down though.  At night I use an Udder Cover pad and a Bamboobies Overnight pad.  I no longer soak through shirts at night, which is an excellent feeling.  I also am glad to not have the chemicals in disposable nursing pads against my skin.

So glad to say I am done buying disposable nursing pads.

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