Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Menu 9/29-10/05

Martin is in town this week but has to leave Friday morning and will get back late Sunday night. So, the weekend is my favorite meals.  ;)

Sunday- Mushroom pork chops and brussel sprouts
Monday- Philly cheese-steak hamburger helper
Tuesday- Meatloaf and peas
Wednesday- Spaghetti and salad
Thursday- Ribs
Friday- Unstuffed peppers
Saturday- chicken fajitas
Sunday- Wings

Lunches consist of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, grilled cheese and tomato soup, and left overs.


  1. What is your meatloaf recipe like? I haven't found a traditional meatloaf one I like. We usually have cheeseburger mloaf or buffalo chicken mloaf.

  2. Mmm! Philly cheese steak and wings sound delicious!!!

    I would defiantly want to make done buffalo wings..haven't had any in ages.