Saturday, October 5, 2013

Wool Dryer Balls

These things, wool dryer balls, are amazing. 

So what are wool dryer balls?   

Wool dryer balls are wool spun into the shape of balls.  The ones pictured here are dyed, however there are some that are not colored.   The point of  the dryer balls is to replace dryer sheets.  Many of the brands of dryer balls that I have come across state they reduce static, reduce wrinkles, and most important to me, they reduce drying time.   Four balls are recommended for a small load of laundry and eight balls are recommended for a large loads.  

I got these last week and so far I definitely see a reduction in drying time.  The all-in-one newborn diapers I use typically take 80-90 minutes to dry, especially the lil joeys.  Using all 8 of the dryer balls the diapers are dry in 40-45 minutes.  That is HALF the amount of time.  I do diaper laundry 3 days a week.  In addition I do regular laundry about 3 -4 loads a week.  All that time saving equals up to a bunch of energy savings.  

As far as the reduction of static and wrinkles I am not 100% sure how effective it is.  (although hard to tell if it reduces wrinkles when sometimes the clothes sit in the dryer until I have to throw diapers into  it)  There is a little reduction in static, but there still is some, especially with sheets.  I do notice though that the clothes and diapers feel softer.  The same as if I were using drying sheets.  

One thing about these though, you have to dig them out of your laundry.  I have found a couple stuck in pant legs when I fold the laundry.  All of the savings though, totally make up for it. 

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    I keep seeing them all of Facebook and now I know why they are so popular :)