Friday, November 23, 2012

And so it Begins

In September I decided I was ready to try to get pregnant again.  I really liked the idea of having a few years in between Owen and the next child, but I do not want to wait too long just in case it takes another year to get pregnant again.

This is where it gets personal.  Proceed with caution...

I never really had a 'regular' cycle.  My periods came and went as they pleased with no real rhyme or reason.  However, there have been a few times where it seemed my hormones 'synced' with another female, typically a sister or who ever I was close to.  My doctor does not believe it is possible to get your period just because the person you are close with has theirs, but that is most commonly when I would have mine.  I have only had my period about 8 or 9 times in my life, including after I had DS #1.    Last September (2011)  I had blood work drawn up and was told I had PCOS, this I was already pretty sure of.  I also took the Provera 'Challenge.'   I was given provera to take for 5 days.  Ten days later I got my period.  Which told the doctor that my body was physically able to have a period, my hormones just did not sync up enough to have a 'normal' cycle.   So, fast fwd.  January I had more blood work, given Provera again, and was pregnant less than a month later.  I was pregnant with the twins for 15 weeks, when an extremely high risk pregnancy just turned out to be too risky.

As I said, I have decided it is time to try again.  October 22nd I had an appointment to have blood drawn and to see where I stood and how to proceed.  November 5th I went in and the doctor reviewed my results and we discussed options.
If interested, my results were as follows:
FSH 6.3, LH 10.1, TSH 2.2.
FSH-Follicle Stimulating hormone.  A 'normal' female who has had her period more than once, should have FSH levels of 0.3-21.5 depending on where they are in their cycle.  It is generally higher when menstruating and just before ovulation.
LH- Luteinizing Hormone.  Again, the levels vary person to person, as well as by age, and cycle.  The LH levels peak just before ovulation.  Average LH level is 5-25.   A person with PCOS is prone to having a higher LH level than the average female.
TSH-Thyroid Stimulating Hormone.  Average between 0.4-4.0. Anything over 3.5 it's recommended to be monitored by a doctor.

Tests were around the same numbers from the last two times I had blood work done.  Also indicative of a person with PCOS.   We decided to start off simple.  I would once again take the Provera 'Challenge.'  On day 3 I would start Clomid.  I took Clomid for 5 days.  On day 12 I had a positive OPT (Ovulation Prediction Test).  I was using a cheap store brand LH tests, when I did not get any real definitive results I bought some ClearBlue tests and got a positive right away.  Right after we got our positive we 'got busy.'   Just to be sure, day 13, 14, and 15 will also be added to that.  So, hopefully in a few weeks we can get that BFP (big fat positive).

That's all for now, I will try to keep this updated regularly.

Here are some pictures of the OPT
Here is the generic test

Instant smiley with the clearblue

This is the actual stick that goes into the clearblue

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