Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Another positive

I think this is the real deal this time.  I snapped a picture, as always.  This is the darkest I have ever seen the line.  Bad news though, my wonderful husband is out of town.  I am hoping that the BD on Sunday will suffice.  

On a different note, I am going to add some more tabs to the blog.  Of course there HAS to be an Owen tab.  What mom does not want to brag about her child?  I will include the birth story for those interested, as well as my journey with cloth diapering and tricks I have learned along the way.   I still am going to work on the 30 Days to a Better you, I just have to figure out what all to do for the thirty days.  As soon as I figure it out I will make another post today.  Any ideas let me know.

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