Friday, May 2, 2014

All About Cloth: Update

Back in January I challenged myself to create less waste by using more cloth.  Here is an update to the switch. 

First, cloth nursing pads.  I still use some disposables, but I mostly use these cloth pads.  

Cloth wipes:  They are not just for baby butts.  I use a designated stack of wipes for Charlotte's bottoms.  We also use a stack of wipes as tissues.  In addition we have family cloth and will use mama cloth when the time comes.  

Next on the cloth switch was switching to cloth bags for grocery shopping.  I keep some in the car and the bulk of them stay in the house and I grab them on my way to the store.  I do keep some disposable ones for miscellaneous things.  The rest were dropped off at the recycling box at the grocery store.

The object that started this whole switch, kitchen towels.  I keep a stack of towels and wash clothes in the drawer by the sink.  I also have a stack of microfiber diaper inserts that I use for cleaning blinds, fans, etc.

Which brings up the question of is this wasting water and electricity?  Yes, and no.  The water goes back to the waste water plant and is treated and reused.  I do try to wash as much in one load as my washer can handle and still clean. This reduces the need for multiple loads and excessive water and electricity usage. The laundry is either hung outside to dry or in the bathroom.  


  1. Do you mean family cloth as in no more toilet paper?

  2. I've been going back and forth between using cloth wipes or not. How do you like using cloth wipes? Is it extra work? Do you have a recommendation ? Thanks!