Wednesday, May 7, 2014

We have a nine month old!

Charlotte is nine months old!  It really seems like yesterday that I delivered and brought her home.  What is even more amazing, as of 4:29 a.m. she has now been home for 40 weeks and 3 days!  At 40 weeks and 3 days Charlotte was born.  Making her here longer than she was in the womb.  Which just absolutely amazes me how quickly the time has passed.

Charlotte had a check-up on the 6th and she weighs 19 pounds 6 ounces and is 30.25" long!

As far as breastfeeding goes, we are still going strong.  Breast-milk is still her dominant food source.  She usually eats dinner with us but not every day and it is only a few pieces.  We still have not done any purees, despite me making a bunch.  When she does eat, it is all whole food.  She loves everything I have given her.

Strawberry face

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