Sunday, May 4, 2014

Breastfeeding Update: 9 months

We have now been breastfeeding for nine months.

 In the nine months I have had mastitis three times!  The last time was right before Easter.  That is no fun.  In addition, Charlotte has recently popped a tooth through the gums.  With Owen we did not make it to the point he cut a tooth, which happened at 11 months.  Charlotte tends to bite and I am desperately trying to stop that habit.

Charlotte still does not drink out of a bottle, and at this point there is no point in trying.  I have tried pumping and I now only get half an ounce to an ounce of milk from each side.  Charlotte still nurses about every four hours during the day and about 5 at night.  However, she does comfort nurse before naps, bed, and during the night.  One night she slept for 7 hours straight and I had to wake her up and feed her because my shirt was soaked.  It is sort of bitter sweet.  I am glad she is growing and amazed we have made it nine months already.  I am glad that I am past the point where I leak through pad after pad, but it is sad because I do not want our breastfeeding journey to end.  (although I would like to have my body back and not have bite marks and mastitis.)

I am happy we made it this long without any major problems and look forward to continuing this adventure.


  1. How long do you plan to keep going? Our goal was 6 months, then we had issues with her taking the bottle so we aimed for 12 months . By then we had our routine so established (morning comfort nursing basically) that we just kept going until I couldn't nurse her in the mornings because of morning sickness!! I think I would have gone until she stopped. I think 9 months was the toughest part because she started eating more and nursing less and everyone started encouraging us to quit.

  2. My goal was 12 months. She also does not take a bottle. I am not going to say "Oh, it is your birthday, no milk for you." I will let her nurse until she is done.