Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Flats and Handwashing Challenge: Day 1

Day one of the Flats and Hand-washing challenge: Why am I doing it?

The flats and hand-washing challenge was created to raise awareness for cloth diapering and that it can be done by anyone.  Common hesitations to cloth diapering is lack of funds and lack of washing machine.  I personally have heard these two reasons time and time again.   When in all actuality, if money is tight, cloth diapering is the better choice.  Disposable diapers are not cheaper than cloth, it just happens that you buy the disposable a little at a time.  If while you are pregnant you know you want to cloth diaper you can buy one or two per paycheck you can buy enough for a complete stash before the baby is born. 

As for a washing machine, this week everything will be washed by hand.  Flats make it easier to wash and dry.  However, I have washed pockets and microfiber inserts by hand many times.  Before going on a trip I would hand-wash the couple of diapers Charlotte or Owen dirtied before our trip.  I typically hand-wash in the sink as it uses less water.   

I have never tried flats or prefolds before so I was really excited to start this challenge, so I started last week.  :)   I wanted to try out different folds and figure out what would work best and fit without leaking.  


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    I'd like to connect with you about doing a possible book review and/or taking part in a give away that I'll be doing this month (June 2014)

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  2. So exciting! I can't wait to read about your challenge :)