Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Flats and Handwashing Challenge: Day 4

Day 4: Washing Routine

Normally I wash diapers on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.  I washed diapers Saturday morning and then hand-washed on Monday.  Since I had a couple days worth of diapers I dumped them all into the tub.   However, this week I have been washing daily.

Monday I put the diapers in the tub to soak for half hour.  After they soaked I then added hot water and Rockin Green detergent to the diapers.  We started out just reaching over the side but then Owen decided he wanted to get in and stomp, because that is more fun.  While he was agitating, I pulled each cover or pocket and checked for stains or marks.  Any diaper that had marks I scrubbed with my fingers and then rubbed the diapers together under the water to loosen any poo that may be stuck on the elastic or fleece.  When the covers were all scrubbed we drained the water and added more hot water.  Owen stomped those again for a few minutes.  We did this twice until we could not see any more soap suds.  Then I took them all outside to dry.

Since then I have been washing the diapers at night after the kids go to bed.  I have been washing them in the sink to use less water.  And hanging them on the shower curtain rod.  Charlotte typically uses 7-9 diapers a day.  Soiled diapers are usually sprayed with the diaper sprayer before putting them into the diaper pail.  In honor of this challenge, I am not using the sprayer and instead dunking the diapers in the toilet and swishing them to remove the poop.  (I miss my sprayer!)  I also rinse the over-night diaper so that the urine is not sitting in it all day, after being wet all night.  

Stay tuned for more posts about the challenge!!

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  1. I knew Owen would be a good tub-stomper!! :) I wish I could get to my tub!!!!! But, using the handheld showerhead to clean diapers in the first-floor-bathroom is very convenient.