Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Flats and Handwashing Challenge: Day 3

Flats and Hand-washing Challenge: Day 3  Challenge Update

I recently sold the remaining Thirsties AIO size 1 diapers that I had because Charlotte had outgrown them.  Well, they were perfect diapers for day-care because it was easier for them to change the diapers.  When I first started taking Charlotte there, one of the ladies in the nursery was amazed at how far diapers have come and how easy they were to use.  Because I sold all the last of the Thirsties I was trying to decide what diapers I wanted to put in her bag for day-care.  I put SunBaby pockets stuffed with flats and I sent her in wearing a flat and a cover, fastened with a snappi.  When I went to pick her up the lady in the nursery was surprised I went from the convenient aio hook and loop, to flats.  I told her about this challenge and that we were so excited about it that we started early.   She wished all of us flat users luck and talked about her experience diapering her children 40 years ago.

So far I am loving the flats.  I plan to continue to use them after this challenge but will probably use them as inserts.  I also plan to salvage a couple for mama cloth.  My neighbor was also curious when she saw my drying rack outside with the flats on them.  (little vent, it is not permitted by the HOA to have a clothes line, this saddens me.)

Charlotte rockin' a flat and Thirsties cover

Stay tuned for more posts about the challenge!!

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