Saturday, May 17, 2014

Flats and Handwashing Challenge: Day 7

Overall Experience, What did I learn?

I found this week fun.  (How "crunchy" of me).  

I plan to continue using the flats, however I mostly plan to use them as inserts in pocket diapers.  Coming in to this week I thought after the week was over I would cut up the flats and use them for other things.  Which I may salvage some of them, but I plan to keep most of the flats just the way they are.  My main hesitation is trying to get the folds so that the poop stays in without making a mess all over the cover.   In addition, having the waste on the flat makes it more difficult for me to clean it off.  Instead of just having a small area soiled I have to put the entire flat into the toilet to try and rinse it.  This made it difficult to clean the cover as well.  

Hand-washing was a release for me.  I found it quite therapeutic to scrub the diapers clean.  It also allowed Owen to feel helpful.  He really enjoyed stomping the diapers and adding the soap to the water.  He is a great big helper and wanted to hang all the flats and covers all on his own.  Today was the last day of hand-washing for this challenge, but I know we will be doing more hand-washing in the future. 

I think that flats and covers will be a great alternative when we go to the beach next month and camping in July.  I will not have a washing machine either time and flats will make it easy to clean without needing a washer or dryer.  Plus, if it rains while we are camping it just gives the diapers an extra rinse without me having to do the work.  ;)

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